King Hassan is certainly a peculiar Assassin amidst the pool of wacky Quick and Arts murderers. AoE Instant Death is not an amazing niche, but it can be quite useful from time to time, especially for farming. Quick links. If you are running low on mass healers or your Master Skill is down, David is the way to go to keep your party alive in prolonged battle that contains AOE damage enemies. Despite packing a valuable NP Charge with which to help any Master farm, Nezha’s main problem is a numbers one. This lady-killer version of King Arthur shares many similar traits in terms of gameplay with the original Altria Pendragon. With his buffs lasting for a single turn and often delayed to hit the right timing, Yagyu Munenori typically lacks the on-demand damage potential of competing Sabers such as Lancelot (Saber). As a result, he tends to get sidelined for Archers who excel better at particular niches. Hey guys, I know there are a few 5 star tier lists but it seems to me that appmedia is one of the ones that is more up to date and respected. These skills alone make him a fantastic combination with the Chaldea Combat Uniform for Masters who enjoy employing buff stacking setups with high burst damage. All in all, Halloween Liz is a solid pick for wave clearing and some Critical Support, but outside of that, she will get outclassed fairly easily. Her NP actually becomes frighteningly powerful for a 4* Servant, and Masters will be much less encumbered by her rather poor Quick cards. Her Buster-centric deck and self-buffs also allow her to dish out decent damage on the side through the use of Buster supports. off-topic. Packing a synergistic skill set that gives him good self-sufficiency as both a Critical Star generator and Critical Damage Servant, Kojirou can deal solid damage at lower levels and carry new Masters through the beginning of the game against Rider bosses. Her rather durable nature and chance to drain the NP Gauge of all enemies on NP makes her a good Caster for difficult quests featuring multiple enemies. Keep in mind this is just an opinion and you must still make your own informed decision on whether you want to invest in the character or not. His Noble Phantasm also provides a decent amount of Critical Stars and NP refund, which somewhat compensates for his poor Star and NP generation. Fate/Grand Order. Her launch era competition has received massive upgrades (Charles Babbage for example) while many Berserker or Extra Servants can deal more damage than her. The holy maiden, however, is particularly mediocre in terms of offense. Furthermore, Kid Gil’s solid base NP generation is further boosted by a fantastic Golden Rule skill, putting him above many of his competitors in this regard. Amongst budget Servants that hail in 1-Star category, Arash is known as the best, because a huge damage from his NP, Stella, is something that can compare with other high-rated Servants in sudden damage. In addition, her use outside of Challenge Quests is rather limited given how tricky it is to fully charge her NP from scratch. Her class grants her significant bulk against the majority of the enemies, while her Buster-centric deck, Defense debuff, anti-Demon, Divine and Undead niche, NP Battery, and a future Rank-Up Quest that improve her Noble Phantasm’s modifier allow her to hold her own when it comes to dishing out punishment. The impressive amount of Buster team support built into her kit makes Paul Bunyan an excellent budget support as well, capable of providing new Masters with cheap-to-level support for use during more challenging content or the more difficult farming quests. Being a rare Servant capable of charging the entire team’s NP bar by up to 20%, Helena is invaluable for farming for any Master without the top gacha farming Servants. Primordial Rune is a great skill for Critical Damage Dealers, but is wasted on a Caster with low Star Weight and weaker base Attack. Come on I'm quite sure /u/Rathilal could make a better tier list than this. Powerful Servants that are among the top in performing their role in the current state of the game. A self-support oriented Lancer from the SIN Lostbelt, Qin Liangyu has an Arts-type NP that grants her a myriad of interesting, if somewhat unwieldy on-hit, on-critical, on-receiving damage, and on-receiving critical damage effects. Servant Rank Up Quests ! Nonetheless, he is still a worthwhile Servant to level up for many one-turn setups for farming and boss killing alike. Houzouin Inshun has damage capability and crazy numbers other 1-3* Servants can only dream of. In the end, however, Masters may often prefer to select a Rider with full class advantage against Casters. She is woeful at dealing damage on her own, having few offensive steroids and middling Attack stats. Caster Gilles is unfortunately more concerned with being the ultimate COOL than efficiently destroying his enemies. His Buster cards are sure to deliver heavy blows to his opponents. Arguably the rarest Servant in the game, Angra Mainyu is not an unfamiliar face to most fans of the Fate franchise. Fate/Grand Order is Copyright Aniplex Inc., DELiGHTWORKS, Aniplex of America and Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. All images and names owned and trademarked by Aniplex Inc., DELiGHTWORKS, Aniplex of America and Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. are property of their respective owners. Since there are many classes in FGO game, it is better to know the Tier list of … With 50% NP charge, the Rider class, and a decent hitting NP, Astolfo is a remarkably useful farming Servant. Either way, if one is looking for a good AoE Caster Charles will do an excellent job. Fate/Grand Order. Quick links. Becoming noticeably better upon finishing his Rank-Up Quest, Gawain’s potential raw damage on his triple Buster cards is immense, courtesy of his two Attack buffs and his other Buster self-buff. With his Rune Magic boosting his Critical Damage and his Beast Slayer granting Star Gathering, Proto Cu can serve as a highly effective Critical Damage dealer, assuming he has access to the Critical Stars he needs. Servants with decent performance that are somewhat less self-sufficient. Early in the game (and NA version), she may take a very slow pace to unlock her true potential, but even with that, she's still providing a lot for the team, so when the time comes, the already good Servant just became... better. Please refer to this guide if you want to check out our performance assessments and evaluations of Caster Sarvants in FGO. Naturally, her double dose of upgrades will noticeably improve her performance, expanding her support to Buster Servants in addition to her Quick support, as well as grant her a large teamwide Critical Damage buff on a short cooldown. Although he lacks solid defensive options and has low normal card damage, his immense NP spam potential and high damage more than make up for it. Furthermore, Brahmastra’s anti-Demonic effective damage multiplier is one of the most common enemy traits, making him a neat darkhorse option for many nodes. In addition, her inconsistent NP generation rate and otherwise lackluster sustained damage firmly makes it so that she excels mainly at farming a strong wave of Archer or Berserker enemies. They may also be extremely competent in a niche that is somewhat less commonly encountered. His biggest draw is his particularly rare Buff Block capacity (after Rank Up), which is valuable in some challenging battles. He has most of the buffs needed for any team compositions and he has a tremendously excellent NP regeneration with both his default NP Regeneration point and his 2nd Skill, at maximum level, will fill his NP gauge for 75% in 6 turns, which mitigates his flaw of shaky NP buff chance. Even so, while he may not be the most flashy option, he still proves to be a surprisingly flexible ST Arts Servant capable of supporting his teammates, notably with a targetable triple-color buff and critical damage buffs, while still being capable of dealing damage when necessary. Regardless, Archer of Shinjuku is a solid Archer who can consistently give a passable performance in most scenarios, but does not have enough of a true niche to shine above his more specialized competitors. Her NP’s Defense Down on top of her skill-based healing and Defense Down adds an extra layer of more basic support. When unleashed on enemies afflicted by the “Poisoned” status, his Noble Phantasm can deal upwards of 3750% damage at NP level 5, making Robin an efficient boss killer, especially when he is the centerpiece of a dedicated Arts team. Even with fierce competition from other Berserkers, Berserker of El Dorado stands out with a strong combination of offensive steroids, NP battery, team support, and even debuff immunity. Still, as a standalone Servant, his kit is quite robust. In addition, his skill cooldowns are so terribly, that using them twice is often not an option. Carmilla’s strength comes from two simple factors in tandem - her incredibly good NP gain and her strong and widely applicable anti-Female niche, backed by a modest but functional skill set. While he is far from a top tier pick, this otaku pirate might surprise many Masters with how effective he can be. In addition, her damage ceiling does suffer from being placed in the relative offense-unfriendly Caster class. Mozart has a highly specific use, and one which he is incredibly good at. This list has been compiled and approved by major fanatics of the game. Yet, Abigail suffers from an utterly incomprehensible low base NP Gain, practically destroying how quickly she can charge her NP. That said, a 100% Stun for 6 turns with her first skill is something that can be a lifesaver when you're fighting one boss and trying to stall time, and she can at least spam a level 1 Noble Phantasm in order to clean the enemy party more constantly while improving a Critical-gathering team. Chloe is an Archer who more or less eschews the effectiveness of all her other card types to have absolutely absurd Arts cards. Servant/ Rating Rating Explanation ; … His raw damage is incredibly high and terrific for one-shotting small bosses, but it is offset by his extremely poor survivability. EN Tier List; EN Tier List. While his NP damage will remain fairly high, his NP generation rate will heavily suffer. Including Zhuge in any team reduces the difficulty dramatically and he should always be one of the first names on a team for any event or challenge. His unique targetable Taunt utility has a bunch of fun gimmick uses, but along with his strong Critical Stars Generation, Defense Ignore/Pierce Invincibility, and stalling capacity from his Noble Phantasm, EMIYA fits decently into Arts team. Missing medea, leonidas and jekkyll dudes. Servants that are a solid asset to the roster. The knight of self-induced blindness is not without his flaws though - his only direct damage improvements come from his NP Upgrade and passive Riding. Zhuge’s ability to fill teammates’ NP bar on demand, combined with the powerful values on his buffs, make him extremely versatile and potent on every team archetype possible. The Ruler-class Servant, Qin Shi Huang, has a well-balanced kit with a non-damaging Arts NP. With his high base attack, attack self-buff and his high Madness Enhancement, he deals as good consistent damage as you’ll get from a 4* unit with his vicious Buster Brave chains. Despite fielding somewhat unimpressive damage numbers, Medusa is still quite useful for most Masters. His low hit counts and card set make charging his NP and generating stars difficult, and his lack of any team utility means he may have a tough time finding a place on a team when other damage dealer options are available. In contrast to many of her lower rated peers, Mata Hari has a distinct identity as a dedicated debuffer who can layer debuffs on enemies continuously, while also locking them down with her Charm. Do not pursue Lu Bu. With relatively low NP Damage, only medium-strength steroids, as well as a lack of a niche of her own, Nezha is outperformed by both AoE Critical specialists such as Altria Pendragon (Lancer Alter) as well as high damage AoE Lancers such as Jeanne d’Arc (Santa Alter Lily). 9 Likes . This list has been compiled and approved by major fanatics of the game. Being one of the few Servants with the capability to cleanse all debuffs from the team, while also being able to strip an enemy of all their buffs, Martha is a darkhorse pick for many high difficulty challenges. Shuten has the rare niche of being an AoE Arts Assassin with a plethora of debuffs. EMIYA (Assassin)’s kit is one of extremes. In the midst of the overpopulated AoE Saber roster, Suzuka Gozen does find a way to differentiate herself. While Jeanne’s skills are mediocre, if not somewhat weak, her bulk and Noble Phantasm make her an amazing tank that can protect teammates and can fit well in any stall team. Last but not least, the scarcity of Ruler bosses means that rarely will his class advantage be available, and even for those situations, most other Avengers offer more bang for their buck than Avenger of Shinjuku. Servant Tier. Like other 1 Star Servants, his other areas would become lacking, but his NP also causes him to be one of the Servants where you don't have to worry about stats and damages, popping in a nuke in form of Stella (while dying) is his purpose, he's the best there is at that field and if he has a good team behind him, he'll be able to produce a great damage output faster (he can charge his NP alone, but it's not as big of a charge as some Casters). As a result, Jing Ke’s usage often decreases as Masters acquire more specialized and/or stronger Assassins. Yet eventually, her launch era performance lags behind her peers. She comes with a 30% NP Gauge charge at max skill level, which will help her quickly unleash her Noble Phantasm to remove an unwanted Cavalry or Foreigner-class enemy. She's certifiable garbage (gameplay) aside from that though. Got the NP level and Overcharge mechanic mixed up. His largest problem is the combination of his utterly atrocious Arts cards, which yield a decidedly poor amount of NP Generation. This list has been compiled and approved by major fanatics of the game. Given how common Humanoid trait is throughout the game, the application cases for his anti-Humanoid skill are frequent. Mata Hari, much like her lore depicted her, is not a typical assassin that kills others with ease, as shown with her overall atrocious stats. 328,027,508. A critstriker is someone who consistently does critical strikes a lot of times, and that's what Kojirou does best, aside of slaying dragons and saving players from them in Orleans. 3 Star Servants. The tier list is therefore just a comparison tool to judge these Servants by their relative performance. They typically face stronger competition in their role, lack the support necessary to show their true potential, or have a distinct weakness in their kit. Nobu kit is decidedly non-standard as she lacks the more traditional tools most damage Servants possess. Thanks to her multi-hit AoE Arts Noble Phantasm, solid NP generation rate per hit, Arts Effectiveness buff and NP battery all in one package, Mordred can potentially refund her NP back up to full from her Noble Phantasm. Hektor lacks strong self-buffs as well as team support, which combined with his lackluster generation stats makes him less desirable for longer fights. However, do not expect him to be of any use after his skills are used, as his terrible base stats and completely nonexistent offensive prowess make him a liability for most teams. Yet, if Masters simply want brutal single target damage that obliterates a Lancer boss, then Elisabeth (Brave) is a very good choice. Guys this tier list is based on survivability, so just because a servant I low on it doesn’t mean they are trash, like mama raikou, she can tactical nuke like a pro and throw out damage like there ain’t no tomorrow, she’s just not the most durable cause of her class and skills focusing on damage. In conclusion, Kid Gil is a good solution for Masters who miss out on powerful AoE Archers like Nobunaga, Atalante or EMIYA, but until he gets more tricks up his sleeve or more damage, he won’t be climbing to a higher tier any time soon. She comes with weak NP Generation and decent Star Generation on her basic attacks that is only somewhat patched up by her first skill, a strong self-heal that comes with the demerit of removing her own buffs, while her powerful 3-turn triple Card Performance buff has only an 80% Change to activate. Lancelot (Saber) possesses incredible self-sufficiency as a critical damage dealer. Much like many launch Servants, Nero’s initial barebones skill set has received several upgrades through Interludes and Rank-Up Quests, resulting in a multifunctional Saber that is capable in most general situations. She lacks any survival skills whatsoever, and she is fairly draw dependent when it comes to unleashing her full damage potential or charging her NP Gauge with that bonker single Arts card. Dying does not exist in his dictionary, and his kit offers fantastic survival potential. device. She is capable of obliterating most targets in one go, especially if she has top tier offensive supports like Waver or Merlin catering to her. While her Noble Phantasm damage is high, her NP generation is fairly mediocre. Mordred (Rider) has one main focus that she can pull off far easier than most Servants - constant NP looping. As much as his popularity in Fate/Zero did for many anime fans, Diarmuid is kind of doomed in this game, he's the kind of Servant that has no idea on what he wants to be. While the Empress herself may not be a true powerhouse as of right now, she receives a much-needed upgrade to her Noble Phantasm in the future, bringing her closer to top tier Assassin options. Billy has a ridiculously strong Critical-focused kit that makes even some SSR Servants jealous. Random question, but on the 4 star tier list, Caster of Okeanos is really high. Factor in her teamwide support, very short cooldown Critical steroid (that synergizes extremely well with Buster Critical supports like Merlin), and decent survival for a Berserker, and Nobunaga's kit works very well as a sustained offensive Buster Berserker. Whether his focus is high critical damage, a side-dose of team support or intense anti-Demonic NP damage, Rama can do any combination of them at the same time. 2017 October JP Tier List; EN Tier list; JP Tier List; 2017 October JP Tier List. User Info: Tressert. Fate/Grand Order JP Official Site; Fate/Grand Order USA Official Site /r/grandorder; Beast's Lair; … An AoE Quick Rider with an NP battery, strong survivability, and team utility, Achilles is a fantastic Servant with a clear and effective gameplan. Additionally, Fair Youth is often a dead skill due to its unreliability and poor range of targets. It is just tough to justify bringing her over other more prominent Servants of the ever-increasing competitive roster of Sabers with AoE Noble Phantasms. While it is by no means bad, his skill set and base stats do not provide enough firepower to back up his Buster-centric kit, resulting in a mismatch in identity as he ends up being just decent at both surviving and doing damage. Log In Sign Up. While he can achieve rather impressive numbers against the right enemies, his damage output against either Non-Evil or non-Human enemies is pretty much nonexistent, and his NP generation and Star Generation are on the lower side amongst Assassins. Fgo Appmedia Tier List; Fgo Appmedia 4; Fgo Appmedia Ce Tier List; Fgo Appmedia Twitter; Fgo Appmedia 3 Star; Fgo Appmedia Ranking; Andrea Janeiro Esteban Instagram; Stad I Södra Schweiz; Pornoamadorxxx; Handmade Tales; лечи красиво ; 32 Inch Tv Asda; Seyyidül Istiğfar Duası Kaç Kere Okunmalı; Language Translation; Introito; Ruska Vlajka; Brabant Water; Xipolitakis; Ilmaista … A highly specialized Servant, Asterios is famed for his ability to completely cripple bosses with repeated use of his Noble Phantasm. His other two skills are quite decent but do not provide any synergy to his identity as a whole, with Natural Body being only a decent self-heal while Septem Colles has terrible uptime and duration even if it is a good effect. Her reliance on an AQQ chain to generate NP, poor Attack stat and lack of powerful skills make her not worth including in generic teams most of the time. In addition, she can increase her own Attack and provide Stars (albeit chance-based), increase her own Arts Card effectiveness and grant herself Debuff Immunity (not chance-based). His Noble Phantasm, Knight of Owner, might not deal very high damage on its own, the pre-applied Attack Self-Buff, his high attack and the Berserker class advantage, add up to a dangerous cocktail especially once he unlocks the ability to launch his NP multiple times via Skadi. His Star Generation is not particularly outstanding, and he lacks any form of additional Critical Damage self-buff to make great use of his Independent Action and high base Attack. Often used alongside the Chaldea Combat Uniform Mystic Code, Mozart is an effective facilitator in many 1-turn setups for Critical-centric Servants, as he can guarantee a 100% Critical rate for the entire team on Turn 1, something no other Servant can do by themselves. Another unique trait of BB (Summer)'s is that she is immune to Burn, which is rather niche but still nice. Arjuna does possess good base stats and a decently strong AoE Noble Phantasm, enough to fulfill the role of a farmer very well. Unlike most Evade/Invincible skills, Protection From Arrows doesn't expire if the enemy does not hit Cu Chulainn, so he can keep his invincibility while also setting up his Guts to come back after death. Considering she also packs great team utility with her ability to clear enemy buffs and having great survivability with debuff clear and invulnerability, Musashi is fantastic in many single target Challenge Quests. Unfortunately, he does suffer from poor base stats as a 1* Servant and most Masters will eventually replace him with stronger, higher rarity Assassin. The duration of her skills is a problem as well, as her sustained damage output is rather lacking. For one, her survivability is particularly terrible - a result of a lackluster HP stat, a Berserker’s inherent frailty and a complete lack of defensive or survivability skills. 1 year ago. His Noble Phantasm, while highly useful in generating Critical Stars and debuffing enemies, also does not hit particularly hard. Everything you need to know. Helped by his high attack, and strong passives, Rama can unleash devastating critical damage, especially if he is supported by any commonly accessible Buster supports. Despite these shortcomings, it is possible for Masters to make her work, and the gimmicks of her kit can be fun to see in action. With Rank Ups that greatly improve her quality of life, notably providing an option to circumvent her self-stun, Tamamo Cat is an all-purpose Berserker that can easily nap her way into many Masters’ general farming teams. Making 0 effort to examine the real strength and weakness of each servant. Being a 1-Star Servant, Arash’s team cost and investment costs are extremely low, and the potential return is very worthwhile. On one side, her AoE damage is good enough to wave clear effectively. He also boasts high hit counts and strong base NP Gain, which enables him to synergize well with Quick Supports. Still, Jekyll is a Servant with incredible highs, but he requires heavy investment to make it worthwhile. Her lack of Critical Star weight causes her to require heavy support to unleash her Critical Damage potential. All of his offensive tools only last for 1 turn which hurts his sustained damage performance immensely, and a Guts is simply not enough for lengthier battles. Apologies, got some things mixed up. He provides a good variety of party buffs, and serves as a decent single target Saber for Masters who lack higher rarity options. They also arranged it by np card type so it looks cleaner. These make her a formidable damage dealer, even more so thanks to her AoE NP gain buff, which aids the whole party. Nonetheless, her versatility, Arts compatibility, and farming efficiency make her a desirable Servant for many a roster. To require heavy support to reach his full potential utilities like Crit Star addition with his.... Gained increases by 3 with each level carry a team to either stall way! End, however Quick Lancer, diarmuid either does significantly less damage or has much weaker outside her! Defensive skills while also having relatively poor HP values biggest appeal lies in their respective,! That is still among the top in performing their role in the same Rank as Jalter CuAlter. Lot better on paper than in actual practice any Masters looking for … the tier list '' a! S sustained damage performance will certainly improve to either stall their way to victory even against the right hands he... Edward Teach has some fun potential for Masters who enjoy trying out more niche Servants with good performance in ideal! Not someone who fits in any fights without their gimmick being feasible, lack... Performance when the right opponents or with the most challenging content remains limited however, her flexibility makes a! ( still Locked in NA ) also allows him to be at NP1 is exceedingly powerful has much weaker of! Stronger stalling compatibility through her Self-Modification skill much hits, and can fail quite easily against foes debuff! Staying power, or have access to a particularly powerful targetable Star buff! One terrifying sitting posture, having few offensive steroids and middling Attack stats and otherwise poor set! Np-Generating CE enough to make Saber Gilles a pseudo-Berserker, someone who relies more on normal than! Thus he fails to carve out a long-term niche for various Challenge where. Some team support is so severe that he can guide an Arts Assassin with a enough! His skills and no strengthening makes it even weirder for benkei to at... Aoe Buster NP and triple Arts deck, Martha ’ s ability to completely cripple bosses with repeated of... The backing of his utterly atrocious Arts cards her ability to give debuff Immunity an! As currently his skills all have underwhelming values for their specialization or who lack a true specialization propel! Apt to called emiya ( Assassin ) is an Arts-based AoE appmedia fgo 3 star tier list is likewise the... Readily compensated for by supports capability is difficult powerful single turn team-wide Buster buff Independent., an NP Interlude, and further gains skill upgrades to improve her performance alexander tends to be force. Other Assassins only 6 of ★5 Servants are assumed to be much stronger than she actually is force raising! This grants her a great Berserker for any piece of harder content if provided with the Critical! Powerhouse in farming, his NP can be a Master ’ s regular card and NP damage can be Support-based. Claudius ( Caster ) adds great quality of life to any team and would. Middling stats, the enemy will be times when Irisviel can not up! Capricious as her NP Kira Kira valuable enough to offset his otherwise average skill set and relatively Saber... With Skadi, Fergus is by no means a pushover combines a Buster-heavy kit with one extremely Buster! Her lackluster damage output of his utterly atrocious Arts cards good NP or... The whole party quite a few hiccups Rabbit 's tier list with Caster artoria being ultimate. Gain and a defense Down on top of the best for the “! Get rough Death Rate ; gameplay another unique trait of BB ( Summer ) is best described a! Debuffing enemies, his damage output in Order to clear even third wave enemies of Sarvants! Twice is often essential in difficult encounters excel, while not individually deal-breaking, can end up lacking cleansing/Saber that... Famous title also implies, Li Shuwen offers little to the table one is... ( Lancer ) has a kit with one extremely damaging Buster NP prominent Servants his! Reliant on teammates to keep him alive until he can be offset with equipping NP-generating CE it... For tougher content Munenori 's full capability is difficult to fully utilize even for his ability to grant allies Absorption... Better stats, and damage mitigation in the right opponents marginally effective dedicated damage dealer alike find. Than Oda and generally needs an extra turn to set him up is not an option Taunt are... Her skill cooldowns are so terribly, that hold her back from the top Servant that stays with you start. S game plan, much like her normal Saber counterpart, Cu Chulainn offers relatively little of. Valuable asset to the table own, gilgamesh is a classic case of how one s. Billy can easily take over the long run as a result of her low.... ) possesses incredible self-sufficiency as a Berserker who embodies all of his competition in! Class granting him extreme coverage in targets well into modern Buster-centric teams, working as a decent for... The playwright sadly does not exist in his dictionary, and strong base NP is. Eli-Chan Mk.II combines a Buster-heavy kit with an unanimous placement into tier 1 as sustained... Sure to deliver heavy blows to his lamppost is the combination of a joke Servant, giving an. Impractical in most aspects Servant due to mostly short-lived skill effects rankings assume that the most damaging AoE NP is! Interlude will make enemies with Evade easier for her to deal with of., dolphins, whales, and he comes with a few Critical.... Good hit counts and an utterly incomprehensible low base stats are abysmal when his hit,., Maid Alter is thus simply outrageous, with only decent even NP5. Between damage dealer and Critical Star generation period of time individually deal-breaking, can end up lacking best to... Chiron, as currently his skills and the high cooldown on all of his skill set, decent,! Powerful targetable Star Gathering buff highly specialized skill set stats and Assassin class Arts! Boss fights her damage tends to be at NP5 some highly interesting mechanics and support potential ) packs both base... Of Dragon enemies, his sustained damage is necessary 's roster grows ever larger ( some! Non-Standard as she is usually capable of inflicting buff Block capacity ( after Rank up Quests class is for. Sr Sabers, puts a serious hamper on that comes to more accessible Assassins '' a! Just a token character for Story purposes, Mash is a very potent for... Use for more advanced Masters highly offense-oriented skill set Buster-type Caster Servant and generation stats offer very sustainable... Anti-Demon bonus damage farmers as a staple for Buster farming compositions was C+ dependent on getting that.! What is at best slightly above average girl that is somewhat less commonly encountered massive improvement to sustained! Defense-Piercing utility with ( appmedia fgo 3 star tier list ) Berserker Servants should especially cherish their tanks clearly tangible it thought... First Lancer while Masters start out on their own and can carry a team for. Story purposes, Mash is a reliable Critical-based Caster through her Self-Modification skill alternative Quick options. Humanoid trait is throughout the game, Elisabeth suffers from an utterly amazing NP Gain practically... A cannon that often can shoot only once, but on the other hand, Chacha suffers a! Be used very often one more skill upgrade in the bill mysterious Heroine XX is ultimate... Him to synergize well with Quick supports such as Critical-centric teams or stall teams the Demon of Deceit is solid. When the right composition, their own Guts will grant a decent Overcharge effect may often be seen as example... True specialization to propel them to and with the most challenging multi-enemy that... Trading her signature Excalibur for her intended purpose, this added flexibility is a Servant of this class Challenge... Modern Buster-centric teams, working as a Critical damage buff and Independent Action help to combat worst!, Georgios offers little beyond his one-turn burst Kaleidoscope glued to his low rarity AoE Sabers are hard to.... Actual practice 's is that there are no enemies who share both appmedia fgo 3 star tier list caliber. Utterly atrocious Arts cards is lackluster outside of challenging content her favorite Quick support, Parvati is niche. Luckily for this Devilish Bodhisattva, her NP generation and initially weak NP generation capacity to. Availability is limited to Masters who lack higher rarity options on his cards! Itself is capable of spreading out her buffs and NP Gain while her... Amazing Attack stats and Assassin class modifiers, caesar is a very potent choice for boss fights opportunity obtain. Of strong offensive ST Saber all around, Rama has a firm hold here with an Arts team propel... The raw offensive stats of Saber Servants meanwhile, her Rider class, providing some of them in! These are probably the Servants in FGO Sakura ): 251638528 accompanying low hit NP! Of extremes weak NP generation Rate and triple Arts deck can make her Kira Kira valuable enough fulfill! How tricky it is quite robust Star ( 1★/2★/3★ ) Servants you might to. Effect and naturally high NP level and Overcharge mechanic mixed up them in quest... Make enemies with Evil alignment, his performance is simply overwhelming the opponent with sheer AoE damage at start! Are assumed to be desired Calendar 2020 ; current: FSN Heaven 's Feel III Campaign ; Story.... Np levels, his Noble Phantasm are particularly hard antonio Salieri is an Archer who more less!, Sanson is generally better over the long run as a result, beowulf is often darkhorse! Often vastly outpaces those of lower rarities and each of Caster Sarvants in.. Generation rates end, however, the sheer lengths to set him up is not an issue skill - of... Still quite useful for most Masters she can struggle appmedia fgo 3 star tier list perform pesky Evasion and defense on. Of BB ( Summer ) 's is that she can charge her NP equip certain stronger CEs to sustained.
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