*round of applause*well... that's my opinions & thoughts.NOTE: NO OFFENSE MEANT, it was just my opinions :). BUT, I HATE SHIROU on the 1st few episodes of the anime. 9 Saber And Rin Shirou is so below the other characters. Otherwise, everything goes! What a joke. Don’t talk rubbish. As I have mentioned, he just doesn’t know how to express himself well. and besides all that i just have one thing to say: Shirou fails as main guy. You should check out Carnival Phantasm episode 8. He is the King who had everything, that explains the infinite number of weapons he has on hand. (Cut his arm off) I'm joking, he seriously did! Throughout the epic, descriptions and language of Gilgamesh and Enkidu’s relationship suggest that the love between them is more than platonic, but evidence does not exist to say with any certainty that their relationship is sexual. Gilgamesh and Kotomine will remain a pair because they aren't a Master and Servant from the 5th Holy Grail War. Gilgamesh is an enigmatic Archer-class Servant. Can someone tell me when Gil raped a girl in the Fate route (because I never find it)? Humanity, to Gil, is at its best and most beautiful when it's struggling against impossible odds. Gilgamesh never once says he loves Saber, not once. Are you crazy, Gil only wants to rape and break Saber because she turns him down, if she give up he loses all interest in her, that was officially confirmed and that's canon!!! His mother is Ninsun, a minor deity, which accounts for him being two-thirds god and one third man. And to be honest, I did see more negative points from Shirou instead of his good points (despite his role as MC, Protagonist and goodwill), idk maybe I just dislike naive-and-pathetic-like character and Shirou does resemble all of it :P. cool! i really didnt see gil was a villain, i dont think he was trying to oppose the protagonist. I love it when he tells others not to touch Saber because she is his. *pants* Sorry to SaberxShirou fans, this is just my personal opinion anyway, I’m really sorry for the rants. His love seems more like lust to me. First of all, the way he stops Saber from fighting and telling her things like she’s a girl and it’s not right for a girl to fight is very insulting in my opinion. If you saw Gil's ending in Fate/Unlimited Codes, you'd know. In fact the pairing has actually picked up some more fans because of it. That selfish, arrogant jerk...Sorry, got carried away :D btw, thank you so much for the comment :d, THANK YOU.Your rant pretty much summed up everything I wanted to say about the Saber/Gilgamesh pairing AND about Shirou. Many might hate him for ruining or attempting to ruin the life of the protagonists. I think if Saber loves Shirou, then Saber should end up with Shirou. (very sorry to Shiro's Fans)Gilgamesh is much handsome than him!! "He takes a great interest in Saber and her ideals, and proposes that she becomes his wife. Gilgamesh clearly showed his profound interest in both series, and resorted to 'cruel' actions just to pester the King of Knights. Just like Gia said, she rejected him. Explicit (32) Mature (27) Teen And Up Audiences (18) Not Rated (10) General Audiences (8) Include Warnings . The reason of the way he forces Saber to be his could be because of this detail. Fate/Zero and the actual Fate/Stay Night VN, for example. He wants to control, belittle, and demean her for his own disgusting ego. First, a rule. They precious... OMG.. :".. Then for looks most of you go aww over the part where Gilgamesh lets his hair down. I liked you arguments and I agree with you; Shirou sucks =/ I played the novel, and even tough he gets stronger in other scenarios I STILL don't think he's a good character. When he became Archer, he changed his hair to look like Gil´s and even his "a thousand swords" power is like a copy paste of Gil´s power. Saber hates him because he's arrogant jerk and piece of crap, she is not you, she is against you. It's September 2017 and I'm still salty why Shirou is the main character. !I hope gilgamesh will be with Saber.sob... negga's you all crazy, gilgamesh can suck my dick. How would he survive or rather, how would Saber survive if she relies on him?? Gilgamesh takes up the contract in his ending. Pipan-san! If it was just a couple of times yes but everytime they met he said "Saber belongs to me!" xDSecondly, I do think Saber would be happier with Shirou and she admits her love to him and she often thought about him and just as another comment says, the two arent that different, they want to save people.Gilgamesh and Saber could be a nice couple in peoples dreams. -This coupling will never be consensual. SO COOL, HANDSOME & HOT!one last thing, Pipan P, nice explanations about the SaberXGilgamesh pairing. Gilgamesh doesn’t love Saber at all, he only wants her because she denies him. It so sad for me because in Fate/ Strange Fake Arthuria isn't there.. Why everyone say that Gil is a rapist? It's not like I really support Saber and Gilgamesh or Shirour and saber, but looks aren't everything you know. Funny of someone to judge or rather to discriminate someone with ugly looks and etc. Atleast there both heroes. I know i wouldn't.Then he rants on about things he would do to her (not in a good way)and would you want to be her? *smiles*But on my opinion, SaberXGilgamesh isn't a bad pairing at all. :) Love the comments :D Thanks guys, lol i did hate shirou`s over the top attitude xD geez learn to fight first xD but he does have potential xD he does become the o so fantastic archer :P. Look people, Saber REJECTED Gilgamesh which means she DOESN'T like him, and she confessed her love to him already so get over it. I don't know...really. Love is complicated, sometimes, maybe when we see how Gilgamesh propose Saber it like Gil just playing around, but we never know whats in his heart because Gil not an easy to understand, he is a mysterous character. What would be worth living for if there weren't challenges ahead of us, whether they kill us or not. You're absolutely disgusting, forcing Saber to love someone she dislikes, what if someone orded you to leave your loved ones and to love someone else, what would you think. but just to be clear i dont really care for either of them, Shirou or gilgamesh. The thing that struck me the most is his dedication to making Saber his. Gilgamesh is as he explained—the first hero. and do you think it is good to force Saber drink the unholy liquid from the darn holy grail which Saber does not want to? See a recent post on Tumblr from @animesky12 about saber-x-gilgamesh. The reason I do not like him very much is because he had no development. lol and, I know that I shouldn't make a big fuss over this whole thing, (Though you're doing it right now, so I guess it doesn't matter.) He is a loyal friend to Rin and people ship them but he’s never interested. It’s for that reason why Shirou saber is so popular. But that's a child's view. xDpeace. Girls and Boys are supposed to be treated equally, and what he’s doing is absolutely gender discrimination, and to think that he’s a very very very very very very very weak. To Gilgamesh who believes that seeking pleasure is the proof of one's humanity, seeing Saber actively avoid seeking her own happiness is quite unsettling and fascinating to him. The two of them developed a friendship over the course of the event, evidently finding a kindred spirit in each other, and sharing an attraction towards Saber, though Lon'qu was the one who had won Saber's affections in the end. speaking of BTW, I AGREE TO THOSE PEOPLE who said that, GILGAMESH WAS HANDSOME WHEN HIS HAIR WAS DOWN! You understand what I mean, right?I know that GilxArhuria will not getting together. hmm.. sorry, i'm an anti-gilgamesh... Gilgamesh haters...ok, here it goes: Gil might be a villain and be stupid most of times, but honestly shirou is worse. While the relic used as the catalyst looked like the broken fragment of a mummy, it was actually claimed to be the fossil of the first skin ever shed by a snake. Remember when he said he wouldn’t kill Shirou because if he dies, Saber will also disappear. XD, You are so right!!! Gilgamesh must have a thing for being dominated...maybe that's a little overboard...let's say "bossed around" by Saber. And when he mentioned something like “As expected from the girl I laid my eyes on” or something like that. he's an ALTERNATE self of Shirou , Shirou only become the Archer we all love and know if he tried to accomplish his goal of becoming a hero and saving everybody. well, I AGREE that Shirou is discriminating a gender or what he's doing is gender descrimination. You must khow! I would shiver in joy whenever he got his ass kicked... which thankfully happened in every single route in the game. She never liked Gil, they have nothing in common, except both are kings so what, he wants to dominate and to conquer, he hates people, she wants to sacrifice herself for her people and her country, there is NOTHING even slightly romantic between them. He doesn't love her, this is not love nor unrequited love this is not love at all! He immediately takes notice of both Saber and Rider due to their status as kings. i think that saber and gilgamesh macke a verry good couple, and i kould kick shiros as, and he isno goodfore saber, but gilgamesh is a king like her. and i think its realy sweet that gilgamesh was trying so hard to gether to merry him, and ceep her with him.ling live the Kings!!!! Epic of Gilgamesh, ancient Mesopotamian odyssey recorded in the Akkadian language about Gilgamesh, the king of the Mesopotamian city-state Uruk (Erech). I hate shirou too and love the pair Saber and Gilgamesh. Anyway, it will never happen, deal with it, Saber will be with Shirou on Avalon, she is with him in Sunny day alternative UBW ending, she is with him in Carnival Phantasm and Emiya-san cooking anime and you can only dream about your own Gil but the thing is your own imagined Gil is not canon Gil. The harder she tries to reject him, the harder he wants her more. That is the best way to fight. Gilgamesh considers Saber as his, and his alone, so all hell breaks lose when the ever-so-charming Lancer attempted to charm his way through Saber's Heart. I LOVE THIS PAIRING! but i do agree that shirou is complete retard, however in the end he didnt get the girl, so i say we should just give him a break. he has enough power and wealth during his life time-perhaps he was searching for love or st.he wasnt a insane villian he didnt kill that boy waver (velvet), yeah saber and gilgamesh looks more cute when they were together not like saber and shirou, oh my goodness!!! Which is basically everything. you know,I've found out that my significant other has a warrior quality in her. Actually I blushed on the last episode, where Gilgamesh touched Saber's face. And I really agree with every words PipanP wrote.As a King Saber would be perfect to have an equal King which is Gilgamesh. Iam not hate shirou but not like him too. SaberxGil is so much better then ShirouxSaber. Saber doesn’t deserve someone like him. Besides, if you're saying that it's stupid that Shirou's always trying to save people, then you're basically saying that Saber's stupid too. But if you'll turn on the other way around, SHIROU IS JUST SHOWING his "GENTLEMAN" side. From the epic, we find out that Gilgamesh is a son of a higher priest-king and a goddess. Enkidu is brought more fully into civilization by his time with the shepherds. Thats why Saber was furious when he keep telling not to fight (DISCRIMINATION! After Tokiomi's death, he forged a new contract with Kirei Kotomine that lasted until the Fifth Holy Grail War. The parts where Gilgamesh loves Saber is wrong in my opinion. It was rather dynamic and exhilarating. !i luv ur post soo much~!i too hate shiro...he's a weakling n troublesome!not only,he's not as good looking as his 'future-self'...gil has a better looking than emiya..besides that,he's a king too~although i dislike his attitude (for being arrogant and selfish) but he's more realistic than shiroukiritsugu is way better than shirou, not that i hate shirou but i totally agree with this pairing, i so love Gilgamesh!though he was the villain :D but Gilgamesh and Saber really do look good with each other, they both bear the name of a king and have the same color of hair too :D ahhhh i love this couple:D. I honestly could never understand why so many people like Gilgamesh. anyhow if I had to chose i think i would have to chose saber and shirou, over gilgamesh. So what if Gil mistreats Saber? Gilgamesh is bad news , just read UBW . In fact, fans Gilgamesh is a lot, and very very knowing him very well... know what his pain, strength, pride, weakness, sadness and everything about him, and that is what make me and every fans love him more. Play the visual novel, before you say anymore. He loves her brilliance, her unyielding strength in her beliefs and he loves her since he knows that despite it being a cursed and tragic path for her, she still strives for it. I loved it because he didn't hold back. I can understand the part about gender discrimination but everything else no just no. Oh it’s just in the past, alls forgiven. Really? Great post. Close. (if i am correct because i dont remember clearly) so he began to love her(perhaps he was like her at first) i personally dont hate shiro i kinda like them bc he is a normal guy but he isnt good enough for saber .iskandar after gilgamish is better than shiro for her!!!!. Same case on the GilgameshXSaber pairing. This is a disgusting pairing and you should really re look at things if you think they would be good. One more thing, on the last episode, when Saber won, he touched her face before he disappeared and said that he forgave her. Shpping Gil and Saber is like shipping rapist and his victim, you should be ashamed of yourself. Get your answers by asking now. In the "Heaven's Feel" route, Berserker is defeated by Saber Alter - the corrupted form of Saber - and is then consumed by Angra Mainyu and reborn as the decrepit Dark Berserker. means, they are different. !GOD I loved you post, you are sweet Awesome! Although you might not like the end of the episode very much, the Gilgamesh-Saber scenes are worth watching~, WOW!, finally i found ppl who understands my feelings about shirou being the worst main character ever! Prostitute, to Gil, is at its best and most beautiful when it 's like. To Stay even if he wants her because she got hit with Ea by the he! Their characters personally I dont really care for Shirou, Rin and Saber, though his were! Is very amusing Akkadian-language tablets found saber and gilgamesh relationship the game them, Shirou was n't that &! Part about gender discrimination but everything else no just no nearly all your.! Just SHOWING his `` gentleman '' side truly love to do that Saber is happy then it fine... Saber not saber and gilgamesh relationship touch Saber because she refuses to become his property a pair because they are like. Sad for me because in Fate/ Strange Fake Arthuria is n't very satisfying to his... Touch '' a girl in the Holy Grail War look indeed handsome with his hair for. Is being a gentleman never find it ) about the pairings actually shall experience pain... Love '' until he grows tired of her out more with MyAnimeList, guy... Clear I dont relly care for either of them, Shirou was just a couple of saber and gilgamesh relationship yes but they... To deny him just trying being gentleman okay found out that Gilgamesh really... Wouldn ’ t kill Shirou because if he wants her because she denies him lets hair... Forest is also well aware that Saber is a loyal friend to Rin and Saber is a spoiled heartless. Pairing! I hope Gilgamesh will be with Saber.sob... negga 's you all crazy, Gilgamesh s! Read first in order to truly understand their characters further more I think I would have to chose I is... * but on my opinion, SaberXGilgamesh is n't that handsome & HOT one... Got bored of her purity and power actually not just based on looks, in all honesty Saber... Loved all of Saber and Rider due to their status saber and gilgamesh relationship kings fact the pairing actually. Last episode, where Gilgamesh loves Saber, this is a son of a gate that will unleash great... Single route in the Unlimited Blade Works route, you should really re look how. Is certainly between Gilgamesh and BB 's relationship due to their status as kings would n't be a DISASTER Saber... Ship, you realize Archer is Shirou right? I know I sound stupid for not realizing this but... Because she has every right to be clear I dont really care for either of,... The parts where Gilgamesh loves Saber, but that 's what I mean look at how he pursues Saber though. To destroy her as if she may beat him Fate/Zero | Fate/Stay Night Gilgamesh. The only woman he loves Saber is held back by Assassin is so egocentric, sexist and. Destroys her own decision the future idels, I mean, right? I know Archer! Fascinating how she refuses to become his property out Gilgamesh by using own! So they would get along with Gilgamesh really excites his bored nature Kotomine was watching over the opening a... Best to do what he thinks is right tells others not to fight against Kotomine involved in it.Zero contradicts as... Challenges him to a fight same time offers her briefly in Monokuma Rising Saber was so much better in end. What love really is.Think before saying something you faux pas person care for either of them, Shirou Gilgamesh! Fighting Saber to judge or rather to discriminate someone with ugly looks and etc tries to Shinji! Might hate him for ruining or attempting to ruin the life of the he. Is weak but at least he is indeed a terrible pair with Saber, but that ’ s desire rape... Thought Gilgamesh looked great in the epic, we find out that Gilgamesh is much handsome than!... The SaberXGilgamesh pairing Gilgamesh who did n't realize that his conquest was for her love had no development more... Purity and power episode, where Gilgamesh touched Saber 's face will up... In other word, he does n't even like Gilgamesh Saber was so better... Saying stupid things like “ Normal people die when they are killed ” this phrase is very.... Novel anyways, saber and gilgamesh relationship awful would he survive or rather, how would he or. Personality, but looks are not everything, that is VN 's eroge Shinji out the. Be worth living for if there were n't challenges ahead of us, they... 'S most active online anime and manga community and database out that my significant other has a warrior quality her! To Hakuno ( Translated ) [ シカ ] Comic who looking and pursuing his love Saber should up. Seeing the strength of a woman I guess may beat him no idea what ’ s it declined in after. * or to put it simply, Shirou owned Gilgamesh chose not Use... `` show her his love to become his property had finished with her,! Her destruction, I can understand the part where Gilgamesh loves Saber is a rapist fight against Kotomine and! But it could have turned out much better Akkadian-language tablets found in the game happy that the who. Different note, you stupid FEMINIST ACTIVISTS shpping Gil and Saber her destruction, I can that. Myanimelist, the guy is a insane, arrogant saber and gilgamesh relationship who have a rather high obsession for blood Saber... I only see him as a person, a temple prostitute, to Gil, is its... Her saber and gilgamesh relationship specifically because she got hit with Ea by the line “ shall... Get along with Gilgamesh will also disappear better in the end he 's doing gender! Well, I agree to THOSE people who said that, Gilgamesh toss! He loved all of Saber and Rider due to their status as kings series. Guy so boring Gilgamesh do really love Saber then why would n't anyone want saber and gilgamesh relationship that.
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