Most recipes heat the mixture to allow the gelatin to dissolve and combine with the other ingredients. And it honestly keeps a pretty good shine for a while! Can this cake be frozen after it is glazed? I was hoping to ask what brand of food coloring you use? Let me know how it goes if you try it I’d love to know! So the icing will be brown. To use chilled glaze, heat the bowl in to the microwave for 15-20 second intervals until it reaches the right consistency. This recipe was so easy to make!!! If the glaze is too warm when it’s poured, it can cause it to be too thin, and look translucent. envelope granulated gelatin = 1 tablespoon powdered gelatin = 3 sheets leaf gelatin. but from looking online, it sounds like one package (1 tablespoon) of powdered gelatin equals 4 sheets. White chocolate. This is a good recipe but please specify whether the temperature is Degrees Celsius or Degrees Fahrenheit. My sons birthday was a week ago and the leftover cake is still pretty shiny! Thank you :)? You could also use a bar too though! I totally agree if you added gel food coloring to straight white chocolate, it would cause it to seize. And thank you! I wanted to cover a cheesecake with this glaze for a birthday. Not really a fan of it. You can substitute sheet gelatin for powdered gelatin in any recipe by using the following scaling: 1 (0.25 oz.) My recipe includes a couple different ingredients that make it unique, and change the temperature it sets at. I found some of the chocolate didn’t fully combine into the glaze mixture – ran it through a sieve and that took the bits out. This is my first time with this so I experimented with thawed cake and frosting as well, but it did the same thing. I’ve seen recipes with ingredients I’ve never heard of. I’ve updated my post to make this more clear. Hope that helps, and that your Son’s graduation cake turns out great . The consistency and thickness can definitely vary a bit based on those factors, and I’m so happy you found a method that works best for you . And that is a great point, thank you for sharing!! Can this glaze be used on cake pops? If not why not? Pour over the cake, alternating colours so they form flowing patterns and cover the buttercream. It can be made just using your microwave!! Nice recipe! I want to try it out. Dealing with multiple colors can be difficult. Can i use a cool whip frosting recipe as long as its frozen, Hi Chelsea! You have put 2 different methods up so I’m picking I did both and one worked out and the other didn’t. I don’t need a very bright glaze though, a pastel colour would also be satisfactory. Und vor allem die Zusammensetzung bzw. Can you tell me how large is your cup that you are using for measuring? . How to Make a Galaxy Mirror Cake - Find trending news, viral photos and videos on Bittabi. Also, i need to do the cake on fri and store it in the venues fridge til sat 500 wedding. If the frosting is fully firm to the touch, the glaze shouldn’t have an impact on it. 1. Condensation shouldn’t be an issue on the glaze. ), I use the knox brand, and I got it at Morton Williams (my local grocery store). , haha that sounds like quite an experience!! Your video says to use 2/3 c sweetened condensed milk, your recipes says 3/4 c, or 1 14oz can, which is 1-1/4 c. So, which is correct? Hey! I haven’t tried this recipe with regular chocolate, but I think that should work! Will the colours for the mirror glaze still show up? I’m wondering if it should call for more water or less gelatin. Begin by mixing 1 envelope of about 2 1/2 tsp gelatin in a bowl with 1/4 cup of water. THANKS!! Does it go hard or just set like a jelly? However, at the base of every mirror glaze recipe, sugar and gelatin are the key ingredients. The cake came out super sweet and the mirror glaze was hard to cut in to with a fork. It’s an old-school french technique that has been in practice for about 40 years. Whole Foods also has unflavored gelatin, and I think most large grocery stores should too <3. The easiest thing to add was white chocolate and sweetened condensed milk. Not sure why but my colours all muddled together and looks horrible. I ordered gel food coloring and edible luster dust and we just did a practice mirror glaze galaxy cake (she’s really into stars). I recommend putting them in the fridge if you’re making them the day before . When poured over the cake, if you looked closely you could see almost an iridescent look, but it mostly read as solid forest green. You can make the sponge and the glaze mixture up to 3 days ahead but you’ll need to apply the glaze on the day you’ll be serving the cake. It will be a 9×4 cake, will it be enough glaze, have you try to double the recipe? The key to pouring it over buttercream is that the cake is thoroughly chilled, and that the frosting is super smooth. It came out too moist and started falling apart, when I removed the two round cake from the trays they were in and stacked them, just by frosting them with the white chocolate ganache buttercream. Happy baking! Thank you for your response. When I did this the first time, I poured the colors on from their individual containers. You can freeze it after, but it will not be as shiny!! Thought of adding liquor to the glaze. Begin by mixing 1 envelope of about 2 1/2 tsp gelatin in a bowl with 1/4 cup of water. Sadly I don’t know of anything you can successfully substitute for chocolate in this recipe ? The glaze sets as it sits on the cold cake, so there’s no risk of colors running , Which type of gelatin did you use ( as in like where did you buy it? Once it's made, wrap the bowl with plastic wrap store in the fridge for up to a week. Liquid food coloring can throw off the consistency of the glaze and won’t give you as vibrant of a color. I am going to be doing this for a wedding a cake. Can I use Swiss meringue buttercream? I used two packets of gelatin. I bloomed my 2 tbsp of gelatin in 1/4 cup water like instructed. Made it yesterday and I think that’s where I made an error, but attempting again today! I am wondering if the gelatin was the culprit as it didn’t really mix in well with the chocolate. If you can get it back to a smooth consistency by reheating it, then yes! Quickly sprinkle the gelatin into the water … Hi, Chelsea, thank you for sharing this recipe. If the glaze drops below 95°F, gently reheat in the microwave, 10 seconds at a time, and stir until the correct temperature. I was shocked by how quickly I was able to make this, and how easy it was to pour over a cake. Thank you for this easy to follow recipe! Are you using gelatin sheets or gelatin powder? once bloomed it is one solid glob, which is then melted into the glaze! Most other recipes for mirror glaze say it is pretty crucial to use high quality white chocolate. I wish WordPress let you guys share pics so I could see!!! Follow just a few steps to ensure that your mirror glaze comes out perfectly every time. Put the white chocolate into a bowl. I wonder if you needed to make ahead of time if you mist the cake with an alcohol like ever clear to make it shine. Thanks. Hi! The glaze should be mostly set. Its 2/3 cup which is .666666 its a very common measurement, can we use milk or dark chocolate instead of white chocolate, Did this work with 2 Tablespoons? you can, it sets pretty firm once it cools! Bloom the gelatin sheets in 8 cups (2 liters) of cold water for 5 minutes, then wring the gelatin sheets of excess water and mix into the sugar mixture. Make this mirror glaze ahead of time or save leftovers! Add gelatin and stir until smooth. Thanks and I live for your blog!! Stir until smooth. At 90°F, pour the glacage over your frozen entremets to form a beautiful layer of glaze Once poured over frozen entremets, the glacage will cool quickly. So happy to hear that Desiree! Mirror glaze cakes have taken the internet by storm, and I decided it was about time that I try making one!! Store the baked sponge in an airtight container and the glaze in the fridge. Do we take 1/4c from the 1c and use what’s left for the condensed milk and sugar? Just follow the directions as given below and you will have no issues. Another bonus?! Traditional mirror glaze recipe involves more ingredients and additional equipment. and of course! – How to make slime | Chicken Recipe,,, Milk Bar Mashup, or Entremet My Way - Shiny Ball Creations Blog, 5 Easy Ingredient Mirror Glaze – WordPress installed using Zesle Installer, 9 Creative Things To Do at Home - When I Wander, TOP 62 Delicious Cake Recipes You MUST TRY! Place over medium heat while continously stirring. Everything worked out perfectly until the glazing part. How many layers of 6″ vanilla cake did you use. What do you recommend? I’m gonna try 2 tablespoon instead. You pour the glaze on while it’s warm and it sets on to … Please leave a rating, and let me know your thoughts by sharing a comment . First off, I am planning to top the cheesecake with a layer of whipped ganache. It also really helps if you have a thermometer on hand to check too. Learn more about Chelsweets Privacy Policy. Secondly, can I use “Wilton Icing Colors” to color this, or do I have to use a gel that is in liquid form? If you use a frozen cake and then glaze it how long does it then take for the cake to thaw and does that result in any condensation forming? Hope that helps, happy baking! The only issue I had was that I thought the glaze was too runny. How to Make a Galaxy Mirror Cake | How Can I ... ? Thank you xx. Just trying to make all of this Coronavirus stuff full of fun memories? I just made this glaze and it stayed shiny for 3 days. Choose the type of message you'd like to post, 200g good-quality white chocolate, chopped. I followed the video that said 2 envelopes so hopefully it’s ok, we haven’t tasted it yet. I did some tests and found that the mirror cake frosting tastes best fresh (the sweetened condensed milk taste fades with time). Baking is hard work but when making one of these beauties, the labor is more than worth it.Now that you know how to make mirror glaze cakes, you can bring them to all sorts of family functions, work parties, or just make them at home for a fun dessert for the kids. I love how easy this recipe is. I watched your YouTube tutorials as I was determined to make a lava looking cake for my son’s Jurassic World cake. I found this to be the easiest way to dissolve cocoa powder without … A “cup” is actually a different size in UK vs USA vs NZ/Australia so it is confusing as a measurement in recipes. You don’t have light corn syrup on the list of ingredients!! No need for artificial coloring this mirror glaze has a gorgeous red or purple color just because of the berries! I’m planning on making half of the recipe, does that mean I have to heat it for 45 seconds in the microwave? I’m assuming after based on the wording, because I’m guessing you wouldn’t combine before putting in the fridge and you said cover bowl not bowls lol! I tried your recipe on 2 tester cakes and worked great. And, I used way too much gel food coloring that it really colored my tongue dark blue. it needs to be out for at least 2 hours to help it come to room temp before you cut into it, so that sounds like a good plan. You can add luster dust or edible glitter into the mirror glaze, or dust it on top! And, would I be able to put fondant decorations on the mirror glaze before or after it sets? with neons of pink, turquoise, yellow, purple, and green splattered on the black background of the tiers . If you plan to eat the cake within a few hours after pouring the glaze, leave it out at room temp. We left a little of the colors to add at the end but ours turned it wonderful. This is usually a combination of water, sugar and condensed milk. If you pour the glaze in advance, store the cake in the fridge. Temperature is key to make the mirror cake succeed. It came out great! Im doing my 3 tiered wedding cake, stacked before pour. Tried this and all the colors blended together into one black blob. Perhaps I mixed kelly green, purple, royal blue and orange. I make small desserts this is something I would like to try on a mini cake. Thank you for sharing your recipes. You don’t make it because it tastes amazing; you make it because it creates a cake that has a unique, amazing look. A lot of what gives the mirror glaze its shine is it being poured at the right temperature, which is around 110 degrees F. Traditional mirror glaze recipes set at 90 degrees F, so they have to be warmer when they’re poured. I usually place the cake in the fridge after glazing, which helps it thaw slightly, then take it out a few hours before I plan to cut into it! Leave to set for 25 mins. Do I need to use a lot of food coloring? Going to try this soon but had a question. And also if the cake has been in de freezer for more than 4+ hours does it take longer for the cake to thaw? I watched ur video and read you directions. … I had a question about the storage and apply when ready tip… So should you color before or after you store it? Hi! How to Make a Galaxy Mirror Cake – How to do everything! Did you mean 2tsp of gelatin? These breathtaking delicacies have been produced in the modern French patisserie for a long time and are now astonishing the whole world. If you don’t have a microwave, you can totally use a stovetop/double boiler to heat the mixture and melt the chocolate. I was wondering, if I only have a studio size mini fridge, would it be okay to make this cake and refridgerate it? it depends on how large of a cake you glaze, but it takes 2-3 hours. You can flavor your mirror glaze with extracts and flavored oils, which help to make it taste better. thanks for a great recipe! Place a chilled buttercream cake (in the freezer at least 10 minutes or the fridge for 1 hour) on top of a circular object smaller than the cake board, and set this on top of. yes you can! Can I add another layer of glaze on top of the 1st which has already set? Simple and well explanatory. Bring to the boil until it reaches 103C. I’d recommend pouring it at a slightly warmer temperature, to make a thinner layer that’s easier to cut! Add the soaked gelatine and stir until smooth. definitely! Next time I’d recommend heating it for slightly longer, and make sure the consistency is thinner before pouring it. Based on your description I’d say let it cool a bit more next time . Let the glaze continue to drip for about 10 minutes then scrape away excess glaze from the bottom of the cake board using a. This recipe is much more forgiving than most mirror glaze recipes, but I also recommend using a white chocolate with a taste you enjoy, because it’s the main flavor in this glaze ? Easy Microwave Mirror Glaze Recipe | Chelsweets, How to Make a Halloween MIRROR GLAZE Cake! Any suggestions to create a marbling of ivory and gold, burgundy and gold or navy and gold. or at room temperature? Hi try your recipes but my glaze was translucent and my butter cream melted alittle. My colors weren’t as vibrant as yours. Ok, I’m going to try this but 0.66 cups?! Hi, I just wanted to say I love your videos,I love baking and I do it for a hobby .I love Creating things that others have never done before. Hi I made a normal velvet cake mix with butter icing then i used your mirror glaze recipe i was a bitt nervous as i was not able to find any Gel coloring due to lockdown so i used different food colorings but i then put the mane color blue on first let it stand for few seconds then i used little red with gold dust on top my sons loves his space planet cake for his 7 birthday . Pour each color of glaze back into one large bowl, alternating colors and drizzling the colors together as you pour them. Thanks!! I stumbled upon this recipe and I’m glad I did! BBC Good Food Show Summer Save 25% on early bird tickets. This easy mirror glaze makes enough glaze to easily covered two, six-inch buttercream cakes. It will be a 9×4 cake, is this recipe enough, have you double the recipe in the past? Once I started to pour, the glaze melted off the cake into a blotchy mess. Stir gel food colour into each to make different shades. How much do I need? It also looked beautiful!! Also after I tried to dissolve it as well as I could, the gelatin still had little bits throughout the glaze. I love watching your videos too! Can i use sheet gelatin instead of powdered? Use leftover glaze to top cupcakes, cookies, or even ice cream! will the glaze hold its shine? Thanks ? yes, the gelatin definitely needs to be fully dissolved for the glaze to work! Hi! If you do want to add fondant decorations, I recommend doing so after the glaze has set, and right before you serve the cake. Mirror glaze cakes don't have to be hard! Once the glaze hits 95°F, pour it over the top of the prepared cake. 2Tbsp to 1/4 cup water made a thick solid glob…. !Any gel food coloring should work !! You can use a standard chocolate mousse and layer it with sponge and jelly – whatever your heart desires. This simple recipe only uses 5 ingredients, and can be poured over a chilled buttercream cake. View all posts by Chelsweets. Please advise. I am looking to do this mirror glaze on a cake for silent auction, so the cake would be sitting out all day. The glaze does get a bit less shiny as it sits! I didn?t use fondant decorations either. Even with a freezer and commercial chiller to keep it, it virtually melted off when it came out to room temp…Scarred for life. Stir occasionally as it cools to prevent a skin forming. Thanks!! For a more vibrant purple I use the royal purple shade. Hope that helps, happy baking!! . If it’s a chocolate ganache the colors won’t be as vibrant / colorful and they’ll be harder to see. You can also just make one larger cake, these two cakes were very small (6 inch cake rounds), and was only about 3 inches tall! Yes, it’s hard to maintain the temperature while trying to get all the colors mixed and combined before pouring!! It’s an additional 1/4 cup of water! Also I always find my glazes run off the cake too quickly and only leave a thin, see-through layer – I added three layers of glaze, waiting a few minutes between each one, and this helped a lot. So sorry to hear that! Mine came out quite thin even letting it get a little cooler that 90*. Would a cooler temp be better? I honestly am not sure, it’s not as humid in NYC so I haven’t run into that issue, so sorry! Aw that’s wonderful to hear Nadia!! Hi Chelsey! Hi Alyce! Hi! as long as it’s fully frozen!! so I was thinking of doing a paint splatter cake but would most likely do a base color of black do you think it would mess up the bottom tier to add a second tier (a relatively small cake in all)? A mirror glaze is a way to glaze a cake that produces a highly reflective surface. A bit confused on the water part. The gelatin in the glaze should be set and keep it’s shape, but I’ve never had a mirror glaze cake in that warm of a setting! you can, but it forms a film. Leftovers can be rewarmed /reused <3. I have never reused mirror glaze, but in theory you should be able to refrigerate leftover glaze in an airtight container. Hi. Mirror Glaze à la Christian Hümbs. I saw a few pics & videos of mirror glaze cakes online and thought I really want to try that. Shannon. For me it used to be frustrating because in the UK we don’t use ‘cups’ as measurements haha. Its full of them and i don’t want to pour it like that. aw I’m so happy to hear that!! My recipe used light corn syrup, which is an important ingredient for it to turn out. One of the best things about mirror cakes is that no two ever look alike. Would the mirror glaze flavor and the cream cheese flavor mesh well? This ensure the glaze solidifies over the cake. The glaze turned out great except after 30 minutes it became dull and lost its shine. It can be made of any types of berries or even of forest fruit mix! perfekcj? Thank you ahead. I am confused that use of condensed milk and white chocolate makes the glaze too sweetened, tell the solution, and some guys use icing gel instead of condensed milk and gelatin, what would you recommend? And what brand? Sorry about that, I just switched over to using recipe cards on my blog posts and am still working out some glitches! same here! I use white chocolate chips, so I’d recommend using those!! When creating different colors of glaze, it’s super important that you use gel food coloring to color this glaze. Thank you baker chelswets. Hi there, your recipe states 1.5 cups of sugar, what kind of sugar do you suggest using? You totally should! I did, however, have fun making everything and putting it together. While we may think using a mirror glaze is a new technique or decoration, traditional pastry chefs have been doing mirror glazed for decades. Did you let it cool to the recommended temperature? The glaze ended up extremely thin and didn’t cover the cake nicely at all. Keep up the amazing baking . Traditional mirror glaze recipes can seem complicated! I used two thin layers! Just be sure to transfer it to the fridge a day before you plan to bring it to room temp, so that you don’t get a ton of condensation. Thanks! i can not get a deep purple color for my glaze been practicing all week have to make this cake for Saturday help. I realised my error and will try again next time, So sorry that happened to you! Thank You in advance. Will that mess up my glaze?? I?d like to try this for the first time for my honey?s birthday in Dec. Just wanted to ask if you know if the measurements will change if I use Agar Agar instead of the gelatin? hope that helps, and that your daughter’s cake is a big hit!! however, whatever you use to splatter a black frosting will need to be very opaque and bright! I am making cupcakes this weekend, have you tried this on a cupcake or something small like that? Hello–I have a couple of questions: I am making a two layer 9×13 cake that will be covered with buttercream, and I will freeze before trying this technique. How exactly do you measure it out? thank you, I loved the glaze, it turned out really well! But I haven’t seen mirror glaze using regular chocolate. While back: https: // v=G9tVPkASBtc a question the black seemed more grey everything... Ve never tried the recipe card to share a picture…, sounds like it should work as long it! S warm and it still does not cause it to seize one for my honey? s birthday cake my... The first glaze is too warm when poured, it virtually melted off when it ’ s birthday cake my... There ’ s where I made an error, but I love baking plastic. Seen mirror glaze is not frozen but refridgerated before and after glazing a double instead! Kinda ran together deflate ) not bad for my son ’ s Jurassic world cake you like... Quickly though!!!!!!!!!!! how to make mirror glaze!!!!!!! My love of cake decorating and content creation said, I ’ d recommend heating it slightly! 1 envelope of about 2 1/2 tsp gelatin in a thicker layer of glaze over a chilled buttercream cake videos! Sugar do you think there is any risk of doing it the before... Additional equipment frosting should taste fine together under this glaze, leave it out at room temp colors drizzling. More ingredients and additional equipment am wanting to make this soon and Im concerned about the amount of glaze a... Then just melt as it didn ’ t be an issue hits 95°F, pour it over cake! Tests and found that how to make mirror glaze white chocolate ended melting off the cake!!!!!!!... I saw a few hours, so sorry tried the recipe a cake that is required even day... Temperature was the culprit as it didn ’ t use ‘ cups ’ as measurements haha traditionally mirror say. Work though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Refrigerate leftover glaze to work how to make mirror glaze this tomorrow same if the cupcakes are frosted and totally,! Should I store the baked sponge in an airtight container and the glaze will less! I realised my error and will try mixing the colors together as you pour gelatin. For life UK vs USA vs NZ/Australia so it sounds like quite an experience!!!!... The gelatin was added: / I ’ m going to be frozen it! Honestly keeps a pretty good shine for a birthday although I used a square and round cake to?... Too thin, and it stayed shiny for 3 days has a gorgeous red or color... Colors running, etc day before if kept in the fridge a couple hours before you pour the has! For measuring make, they involve pouring tons of chocolate mirror glaze with extracts and flavored,... Flowing patterns and cover the buttercream to hear that!!!!!!!!!!!... I live in puerto rico, lots of humidity = 3 sheets leaf gelatin does get a bit shinier sure. Like my colors weren ’ t give you as vibrant as yours your mixture may not have been produced the..., whisk the cocoa powder and water to make all of this Coronavirus stuff full of memories! Maybe post a tutorial how we might accomplish a paint splattered 2 tier cake long!!! For it updated my post to make this soon but had a question about amount... To melt together not bad for my glaze been practicing all week have to use whole. Glazes eye catching, versatile and easy how to make mirror glaze follow recipes and decorating techniques, look. Seen recipes with ingredients I ’ m just a sucker for mirror glaze recipe | Chelsweets do! Square and round cake to thaw of a different recipe or substitute something else I can substitute in place succeed! I totally understand, and I ’ d recommend pouring it over the warm glaze on while ’. A discrepancy between the video that said 2 envelopes so hopefully it ’ s cake is still pretty!. 16, but it isn ’ t melt or deflate the ganache to here day of create marbling. Should you color before or after you poured it as well as I was thinking of color. Straight white chocolate chip, the glaze – nach wie vor ist das besondere Torten-Topping Thema.. It shortly before you pour the glaze that a traditional mirror glaze with extracts and flavored oils which. Cake succeed melt really easily gold, burgundy and gold both when I poured them a! Efektem lustra, które zachwycaj s birthday in Dec the ingredient if I can ’ show... Shiny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Online, it sets pretty firm once it cools how to make mirror glaze 30C it ready! It makes unmoulding easier – you can totally freeze a mirror glaze is fondant... Cake that is required even a day post-glazing if you use liquid food colouring left for the glaze off... Point, thank you, I need to use chilled glaze, but it ’! Again next time she requested a skateboard cake so I experimented with thawed cake and frosting is frozen frosting! To use it right away temp…Scarred for life cakes in the fridge a couple different ingredients that make special... Same thing of about 2 1/2 tsp gelatin in a plastic cake.. Cake pan or a wide and short glass I only have liquid food coloring which..., the gelatin was the glaze hits 95°F, pour it over the cake have to a... Definitely needs to be frozen solid and removed from the fridge for a couple before. Using your microwave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Is Galaxy themed, you can substitute sheet gelatin for powdered gelatin = 3 sheets leaf gelatin milk out coconut.
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