Known as the closest thing to a normal person among the ridiculous Knights of the Round Table, Bedivere’s prowess as a Servant is reflected by his lower rarity. On their own, each of Caster Cu’s skills are good. Please be advised that we may not reply to every individual feedbacks. Mata Hari has the little damage potential and one of the weakest survivability in the game. Primordial Rune is a great skill for Critical Damage Dealers, but is wasted on a Caster with low Star Weight and weaker base Attack. Archived. All in all, he is still a decent Servant, but aside from killing Demonic enemies, he is often sidelined for Servants who are more specialized at either stalling or/and dealing damage. Her Noble Phantasm, with its powerful party defense buffs, has high uptime thanks to the massive NP generation buff on Shield of Rousing Resolution, and is also upgraded after a certain part of the story. Needless to say, both gimmicks are particularly hard to utilize and require some very specific team compositions to pull off. Aside from that, he doesn’t bring any particular niche or unique value to the table. It is a frequent sight to see Cu Chulainn being the last man standing thanks to his combination of debuff clearance, hit-based evasion, and guts. He is completely reliant on teammates to keep him alive until he can start the vicious cycle of endless Chaos Labyrinths. Assumptions: Non-Story Locked Servants are assumed to be at NP5, 10/10/10 Skills. Past that Mana Burst-coated surface is a Servant with a skill set that completely lacks any form of synergy, utility, hard survivability, or serious damage potential. A collection of FGO tier list templates. On the other hand, Blackbeard has some highly notable flaws: his lack of a way to build up his NP gauge to quickly access Queen Anne’s Revenge, his poor base stats, and the terrible bonus effects on his Noble Phantasm. Angra is generally more or less a “trophy” Servant, one that Masters can take pride in pulling from the Friend Gacha, and is quite valuable as a CE holder for events, as he yields the same amount of Bond Rewards as a 4 Star Servant while having the Party Cost of a 2 Star Servant. Packing a synergistic skill set that gives him good self-sufficiency as both a Critical Star generator and Critical Damage Servant, Kojirou can deal solid damage at lower levels and carry new Masters through the beginning of the game against Rider bosses. He is useful for newer Masters who need a glass cannon to get through early stages of the story, as well as alleviating farming trouble once equipped with starting NP Craft Essences. By continuing to browse our site, you agree to our Cookie Policy. While Hundred Personas may not be as easy to use as her peers, her ability to spam her NP in Arts-based compositions makes her a darkhorse option against many tough Rider opponents. However, this smooth cowboy has some serious drawbacks to his game, namely his poor NP generation rate per hit and a reliance on others to bring the critical stars he needs to crit. the Discord! His accessibility and simplicity make him quite beginner friendly. Still, her damage output is a fair bit lower than her peers who often have stronger personal steroids, an NP Upgrade or simply much higher base stats. He makes for a decent addition for Masters in need of a Rider-class Servant with farming capability. Paracelsus's claim to fame is his 3-turn NP Gain buff that he can provide to an ally of choice, with a value of up to +50%. These are the Servants whose niches are very narrow and are difficult to use properly. He serves as a great opener for any farming team, and has extreme freedom in terms of what (Event) CEs he can equip himself with. With strong NP Gain and a stacked NP, when the right card draws match up, Houzouin Inshun's performance is downright terrifying. User Info: greycolors. That being said, Leonidas does have other merits to make up for it. With chichiue! Demon (Demonic) Servants & Enemies. To make matters worse, his debuffs are unreliable and can fail quite easily against foes with Debuff Resistance. Its 13 hits and NP Gain improvement from both her first and second skill allows it to refund a spectacular amount of NP Gauge all the while inflicting an Arts Resistance Down debuff and reducing their Critical Hit Rate. While he can achieve rather impressive numbers against the right enemies, his damage output against either Non-Evil or non-Human enemies is pretty much nonexistent, and his NP generation and Star Generation are on the lower side amongst Assassins. Often used alongside the Chaldea Combat Uniform Mystic Code, Mozart is an effective facilitator in many 1-turn setups for Critical-centric Servants, as he can guarantee a 100% Critical rate for the entire team on Turn 1, something no other Servant can do by themselves. When his passive Independent Action, first and third skills are used together, he can reach a whopping 162% Critical Damage bonus and output seriously impressive damage numbers. Useful and pretty. ©TYPE-MOON / FGO PROJECTAll trademarks, character and/or image used in this article are the copyrighted property of their respective owners.▶Fate/Grand Order Official Website. Copyright (C) GamePress All Rights Reserved. Fuuma’s damage, however, suffers as a consequence, as he lacks any form of steroid to bolster up his already poor attacking prowess. Nonetheless, it is hard to deny his effectiveness when he can pull off his niche, and many tough battles in the game can easily crumble before the might of this Minotaur. Rulers have a base death rate of 35%. Servants that are able to effectively take out enemies regardless of the Daily Quest. 1 year ago. Kid Gil is a solid AoE Archer with a wide array of positive traits. To compensate, Medea’s damage potential is on the lower side due to the poor modifier on her Noble Phantasm as well as the low Caster class damage modifier. Also Aoi Yuuki; Drake - Extra loyalty. Behold, the killer of men, the widowmaker of FGO. It might sound a bit unkind to call this beloved and ultimate bro a “cockroach”, but that is one of the best descriptions of Cu Chulainn. It's a shame therefore that her availability is limited to Masters who have cleared her event during either July 2019 or July 2020. Despite a seemingly weak base stat line, Edward Teach has some great tricks up his sleeve. He will generally be sidelined when farming or when more raw power is needed. The Witch of Betrayal offers a combination of an instantaneous nuke and highly desirable utility for hard content. Pulled for her in the past with no luck ... by far the best servant I don't already have and also top tier waifu If I pull Tamamo before the SSR ticket I'm not really sure who else to get. His low hit counts and card set make charging his NP and generating stars difficult, and his lack of any team utility means he may have a tough time finding a place on a team when other damage dealer options are available. That being said, Kid Gil does have quite a few problematic aspects to his game that hold him back from the top. TIER DE SERVANTS SSR FGO JP 2020! Thus, he only truly shines in a team built around him and is still very prone to dying to random critical hits. The benefits she brings to the team are usually not worth all of these downsides, as she requires particular team compositions to work well in, while her paper-thin defense increases her unreliability. Sasaki Kojirou is a reliable Single Target Assassin for new Masters despite his low rarity. La Historia de Solomon- El Rey de Magos - Duration: 13:28. Against Beast enemies in particular, his damage potential will rise significantly. Being one of the F2P heroes of the masses, Ushiwakamaru distinguishes herself with a powerful single target Noble Phantasm and decent team support capacity on the side. They can easily compete even with higher rarity Servants and are highly valuable investments to both new and veteran Masters alike. Furthermore, he has one of the worst availabilities amongst 3* Servants due to his story-locked status and lack of rate-ups, meaning getting him to NP level 5 can be a huge challenge for any Master. Welcome to our Saber tier list for FGO (Fate/Grand Order)! However, Lu Bu also possesses some deadly flaws to balance out his sheer power, namely having the durability of a wet paper towel and completely lacking the NP generation or Star Generation to set himself up. This list has been compiled and approved by major fanatics of the game. Thanks to his low rarity, Andersen has great availability, incredibly low Party Cost and low investment costs for fantastic returns. A Tier list is a list containing the order of characters based on their overall efficiency. Still, for most Masters it is hardly a strong enough Noble Phantasm to justify using him over better Assassins and/or Berserkers. Sadly, this unrepentant man of action is lackluster at everything else other than firing off his Noble Phantasm, mainly due to his difficulty in getting a high NP level (story-locked) and lackluster base stats. His main features are his powerful single turn team-wide Buster buff and his targetable 20% NP charge. Having early access to an Interlude that upgrades his Noble Phantasm allows him to output some decent damage on his Noble Phantasm when all his buffs are used, and he has decent lasting power on the battlefield due to his durability. This is extremely valuable for many situations, as on-demand, targetable debuff clearance is hard to come by and can trivialize debuff reliant bosses. Outside of that, she is outclassed by other more powerful options. While packing a highly similar skill set to his Fate/Stay Night counterpart, Cu Chulainn (Prototype) is a lot more well rounded. Romulus is still decent as a filler for AoE damage against Archers, but due to the abundance of AoE Lancers in the game, he is quickly sidelined as Masters increase their Servant roster. However, such power does not come for free. Diarmuid suffers from a skill set that mainly lacks any form of offensive synergy. As cute as she is, Hassan of Serenity does not hold up quite well in terms of combat prowess. As a Shielder, Mash has no class weaknesses while packing a skill set that provides plenty of defensive support, making her highly valuable for challenging battles. That being said, he still has access to an NP Interlude and his Rapid Casting allows him to quickly charge his NP bar for farming shenanigans, which can be highly valuable for Masters wanting more capable hands to take down Assassin or Berserker waves. Her Noble Phantasm comes with a very rare Buff Removal effect upon use that is pivotal for many quests that feature bosses who spam a lot of annoying buffs. He can operate well in most generic team compositions, and thrives in more specialized setups such as Critical-centric teams or stall teams. Unfortunately, he does suffer from poor base stats as a 1* Servant and most Masters will eventually replace him with stronger, higher rarity Assassin. Yeah she's an arts servant, but she provides a 3 turn 40% atk buff, np gen buff that's God tier for servants like musashi, heal and def buff, etc. Husbando Wars Fielding Caligula is usually not worthwhile given there are other Berserker alternatives but dedicated Masters can extract some incredibly juicy damage out of him with the right team composition. Despite his unusual appearance for such a renowned hero, Caesar is a surprisingly effective Servant in his own right. Please refer to this guide if you want to check out our performance assessments and evaluations of Servants in FGO. These Servants are useful not only for Experience Cards, but farming other items too. After finishing his Interlude, his AoE Noble Phantasm starts outputting notable numbers, with the extra benefits of very strong, albeit short-lived debuffs. he's just too good as support, damager and debuffer. However, they have almost no synergy, and he fails to carve out a niche for himself, resulting in a mediocre Servant that is hard to fit in most teams. Still, George is easily both one of the cheapest and best meat shields one can rely on when things get rough. The King of Sparta has a party-wide Buster buff with nice uptime and decent value, which is quite valuable for offensive Servants such as Berserkers who often employ his protection. Caster Gilles is unfortunately more concerned with being the ultimate COOL than efficiently destroying his enemies. Despite lacking an NP charge skill to help to build up his NP bar, Eric Bloodaxe compensates with raw damage by providing both a single target defense down and an in-built personal damage buff on his NP. The impressive amount of Buster team support built into her kit makes Paul Bunyan an excellent budget support as well, capable of providing new Masters with cheap-to-level support for use during more challenging content or the more difficult farming quests. Either way, if one is looking for a good AoE Caster Charles will do an excellent job. Not only does he have an absurdly high Noble Phantasm damage modifier, the fact that he sacrifices himself allows Arash to effectively bring in another teammate from the backline, creating numerous possibilities for team building in many farming setups. Preliminaries 3. Her survivability is also quite mediocre, as Medea lacks a hard survivability option (Evade/Invincibility) which is often essential in difficult encounters. Welfare SR Servants are assumed to be at NP5, 10/10/10 Skills. Nevertheless, Robin remains one of the best F2P damage Servants and will carry Masters through many tough fights. Nonetheless, for Masters who either enjoy soloing or have a limited lineup for tough quests, Cu Chulainn is one of the best insurance policies one can get. Still, as a standalone Servant, his kit is quite robust. His damage output is on the higher side amongst 1*-3* Servants due to a balanced BBAAQ deck, strong base attack, Independent Action and a high level of Charisma. Despite being a damage dealer, his Noble Phantasm does not deal any damage by itself, which holds him back tremendously in terms of easy access to high damage output. However, Fergus is by no means a pushover. To avoid griefing, you will not be able to post or report for the first %d hours upon visiting this forum for the first time. greycolors 3 weeks ago #2. Furthermore, 2 of the 3 components on her third skill are completely useless if she is not on the correct battlefield, which is the majority of the time. The other gimmick is his third skill, which increases his Quick card performance for five turns, but in return, he dies when the five turns have passed. For newer Masters, Hektor is useful as a farming Lancer and can carry some tough fights with his stun, but for more experienced Masters, he won’t be blowing anything out of the water any time soon. While Imperial Privilege is a fantastic boost to both his attack and survivability, it is also inconsistent due to its 60% activation rate per buff. Jaguar Warrior has a steep cooldown on her first skill, which also contains her only survivability option (albeit a very strong one). However, Robin’s performance outside of a dedicated Arts team is quite mediocre. Best Servants [★4]: 4 Star Tier List. Furthermore, his first skill is a powerful one-turn Arts buff for the entire party which greatly aids any Arts-centric team when it comes to one-shotting a target. However, Cu Chulainn offers relatively little outside of survivability. His damage is impressive for a three-star Servant, and he comes with a 1 turn Evade for some survivability. It's also worth noting that servants will be rated in only one tier list, even if they could be rated in another list. Often they suffer from low stats, poor skills or ineffective Noble Phantasms. Outside of this particular niche, the playwright sadly does not offer much else. 2:37:31. Chuuni as he might be, one should not underestimate Fuuma’s potential in the Star Generation and team support department. The first major change you will see is the addition of servants other than SSRs in the Support tier list. As of now my tier list is. With his Rune Magic boosting his Critical Damage and his Beast Slayer granting Star Gathering, Proto Cu can serve as a highly effective Critical Damage dealer, assuming he has access to the Critical Stars he needs. Darius has only one notable role: being a low rarity farming machine. His ease of access and remarkable ability to facilitate farming teams post-Rank Up grants him his current placement. Important points. Furthermore, Caligula’s non-damaging Noble Phantasm is rather underwhelming considering the amount of effort required to get him to 100% NP bar. He comes with a solid self Quick and Star Drop Rate buff, a self-Evade that also has a chance to increase Star Gather Rate and apply Ignore Invincible, and finally a Critical Strength and self ATK buff of humble values. His Critical Star and NP generating capacity is similarly weak because of his poorly distributed hit counts, and his star generation is only partially remedied by Innocent Monster. In addition, while he is very useful for helping powerful Critical Damage Dealers in the early game, once Masters get more tools that can supply Critical Stars he is often relegated to the bench. As one-turn setups are quite effective in many scenarios in the game and Mozart’s material costs and Party Cost are incredibly low, the reward for raising him is tremendous. Touta is a highly unusual Servant. FGO NA: 176,180,580. Still, dedicated Masters can extract good performances from them. A combination of a QQAAB deck, the current lack of an NP Upgrade, and the low value on her only steroid, results in reduced performance for longer quests. Comments (updated every hour) Saint Quartz Farming Guide 7. ty umu. Additionally, Fair Youth is often a dead skill due to its unreliability and poor range of targets. Last but not least, she does not build her NP bar as fast as many other Lancers due to a combination of poor NP gain per hit, lack of an NP charge skill and lackluster hit counts on her Arts and Quick cards. With his buffs, and at high NP levels, his NP can deal a good amount of damage as well. Alexander is a very straightforward Servant with a simple skill set, decent values, an NP Interlude, and a decent overcharge effect. : Tier placement will move down at least 1 Tier in the future. His first gimmick is dealing damage that is entirely unblockable, bypassing defense and damage reduction, based on how much HP he has lost compared to when he first activated his NP. Hektor lacks strong self-buffs as well as team support, which combined with his lackluster generation stats makes him less desirable for longer fights. In ideal cases one would have her use debuffs and quickly switch her out with Order Change. By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. In addition, Jekyll is a lot more dependent on skill levels than most Servants, which means Masters need to spend quite a lot of resources to reveal his ultimate potential. Aside from that, Kiyohime sadly does not provide anything of particular relevance, although she does pack high NP generation potential for a Berserker. For F2P Masters, Alexander is an effective budget AoE Rider for farming with decent team offensive support in the side, particularly for more Quick-oriented teams. in other hand... why you are so far away at the bottom NEET-tto hime! Furthermore, Medea can also clear debuffs from allies with her third skill upon completing her Rank-Up Quest. Few can claim to be better Star Generators than Cursed Arm, especially for his low cost. The only thing Geronimo uniquely provides is an NP that heals the party and deals AoE damage at the same time. Touta’s main problem lies squarely in his damage output. All in all, Spartacus has a very specific usage and will help out most Masters a ton when crafting farming teams, but his performance outside farming teams is nothing special. These skills alone make him a fantastic combination with the Chaldea Combat Uniform for Masters who enjoy employing buff stacking setups with high burst damage. While she has a party-wide Arts boost after her Rank Up, and offers defensive buffs on her Noble Phantasm, the values on these are quite weak and many other Servants will pull off whatever form of utility Boudica can grant much better. His Aesthetic Appreciation skill’s NP damage down only works on Servants and its values are too low to be practically useful. First of all, he offers great team-wide support in the form of Attack and NP damage buffs, and great healing (particularly for female allies). More often than not, Medusa is relegated to being a farm bot for daily or event quests where she can one shot a wave with her Bellerophon. He is Story Locked, meaning his availability is already poor compared to most of his peers, and his skill set does him no favors either. Despite his AoE Noble Phantasm, Mephisto’s complete lack of offensive buffs and low Attack mean he won’t be particularly useful even as a farming Servant, and one should generally look to other AoE Casters or Berserkers for farming. Their weaknesses are generally more pronounced, and they often face fierce competition in their niche. Appmedia SSR Tier List Updated (and graphic update) ... hard to replace ozzy on top tier rank. Some Servants have a big part to play later on, but if they’re not so important early game we’ve given them a lower evaluation. One of Diarmuid’s unique points is buff removal on his Noble Phantasm, which is a relatively rare ability, but he is completely outclassed in this niche by Medea who does so much more efficiently and with much better NP uptime. All of Diarmuid’s skills are highly irrelevant to his special niche - a buff clearer -, despite effort to mirror his legend. The FGO tier list is nothing but the ranking of characters based on their overall performance. With that out of the way, her combat performance leaves much to be desired. Avicebron is an excellent farming Servant, owing to his AoE Buster Noble Phantasm, up to 30% Buster Performance self-buff and an incredible potential 80% NP Charge. This is the result of a combination of low attack, poor steroids, and a Noble Phantasm with lower multipliers than usual. Jing Ke is quite useful during the early phase of the game. All in all, there might be certain team compositions that can make use of Boudica’s Defense buff on her Noble Phantasm, namely those pairing her with Servants like Mash or Zhuge Liang. His other aspects, however, do not hold up well nearly as well. In a properly set up team, watching Robin’s Yew Bow decimate an opponent in one fell swoop is a sight to behold. Saint George is a highly durable Servant. -Many desirable and limited servants in this Account, Squirtle and Tamamo combo -8 lores and 7 grails -Story currently at the middle of Camelot -This accou Chat to Buy Sadly, debuffers in general tend to get sidelined for more dedicated supports who offer more to the team. All in all, he is a highly valuable Servant with clear strengths and weaknesses who can be used virtually anywhere provided he is given the necessary tools for the job. However, this mad emperor can fall down with just a slight breeze, and the inconsistent nature of Imperial Privilege, his strongest skill, makes it extremely hard to maintain a high level of damage output. GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. However, the lack of strong offensive self-buffs makes him less desirable for farming compared to other Casters and Berserkers. Outside of farming, Avicebron provides little value, as the support from his 3rd skill is rather gimmicky to trigger, while the NP Gain from his Overcharge is rather small. Servant Tier List - Approved By FGO Fanatics, Helena Blavatsky - Stats, NP, Skill & Review, As there is no limit to inputting all held NP Charge, only particularly well suited Servants are listed. While this cute eggplant might have some slight issues, like her story-locked progression and her poor damage potential, they are trivial compared to the sheer defensive value that she brings to the table. His main problem is that there are no enemies who share both of his anti-traits. Worse yet, his generation stats are abysmal when his hit counts are considered. A highly specialized Servant, Asterios is famed for his ability to completely cripple bosses with repeated use of his Noble Phantasm. All in all, Fuuma has a very clear and distinct role and playstyle, and will not let you down if he is played to his strengths. Naturally, that also raises the value of Fergus, whose claim to fame is being pretty much the only accessible AoE Saber from the Friend Point gacha. Unfortunately, he suffers from the main issues associated with his class. His Calm and Collected skill also enables any Master access to a good 30% NP charge which proves invaluable for farming during raids or even farming in general. Please refer to this guide if you want to check out our performance assessments and evaluations of Servants in FGO. New bottom tier list rank C meme - Shiki saber, Musashi wtf, Arthur, Moriarty, Tamalancer, Illya, Shuten, Osakabehime, Hijikata J.Alter now at B and BB is only A.. Appmedia guy just went insane again. The downside to his NP is that if he dies (easily given his low HP), or if no one attacks him, his NP essentially becomes useless. These Servants are among the best at their role. She has very low base stats, close to zero defensive skills and no strong offensive self-buffs whatsoever to make up for her stats. FGO Reroll Tier List [5/11 updated!] While it is by no means bad, his skill set and base stats do not provide enough firepower to back up his Buster-centric kit, resulting in a mismatch in identity as he ends up being just decent at both surviving and doing damage. Often touted as a budget Merlin, Andersen’s claim to fame is his ability to bring a multitude of highly useful buffs to the table, including healing over time, ATK up, DEF up, Critical Damage up, and star generation. Thanks to her Rank Up granting her a small NP charge through Blood Fort Andromeda, Medusa is a great budget farming Rider when paired with Starting NP Gauge Craft Essences or NP Battery Servants. 20201228_1448262048×1536 652 KB 20201228_1448491024×768…, Best Girl: Smackdown Her skill set is quite vanilla and even as a farmer, her spot is often usurped by lower rarity Servants like Eric Bloodaxe or Spartacus who occupy the same niche but demand fewer resources. However, it is worth noting that Eric is pretty much limited to this farming niche as his survival skills aren’t enough to keep him alive and his stats do not make him a mainstay in normal teams. In most cases, running him for his NP is not worth it considering he mainly has access to a single useful skill. Do not pursue Lu Bu. While his NP damage will remain fairly high, his NP generation rate will heavily suffer. If there is anything Robin has in spades, it is nuking potential. Archer Class FGO Tier List. His Noble Phantasm, while highly useful in generating Critical Stars and debuffing enemies, also does not hit particularly hard. Check out the change log for details on tier list changes or the tier list explanation for a summary of all Servant explanations! Antonio Salieri is an Arts-based AoE damage dealer who provides various boosts to an Arts-crit hybrid team. Low Rarity AoE Sabers are hard to find in Fate Grand Order, as the class is infamous for having no bronze Servants. To start off, his base stats are underwhelming, which is further aggravated by his Assassin Class damage modifier. Each of their specialities are highly valuable even to Masters with powerful and diverse Servant rosters. With a triple Quick deck, solid hit counts, strong base Star Generation and low investment requirements, Hassan hits all the good marks for being a dedicated Star Generator for Critical teams. His biggest draw is his particularly rare Buff Block capacity (after Rank Up), which is valuable in some challenging battles. He also has standard generation stats with accompanying low hit counts, resulting in a mediocre generation performance. Oniland (Halloween 2020) - Tier List Change Log. These Servants can be viable, but typically require extensive support. Reading the tier list. *Offensive, insulting or inappropriate use of forum may lead to ban/restriction. Low rarity, Berserker class, Self-NP charge skill and AoE Noble Phantasm, Spartacus is tailor-made to be a farming machine for almost everyone. However, aside from her farming potential with her Noble Phantasm, Medusa’s overall damage output is quite mediocre. Device Transfer Guide. Check out the change log for details on tier list changes or the tier list explanation for a summary of all Servant explanations! However, there are far better alternatives when it come to Defense buff stacking compositions. Given how common Humanoid trait is throughout the game, the application cases for his anti-Humanoid skill are frequent. rarity wise I'd put a prio order of 4*>=3*>=2*>=1*>5*, this is due to the fact that when you are grailing a servant it gains them 5 levels a grail until level 90 where it becomes 2 levels per grail. 6. With 3 Quick cards, each hitting 4 times, and an A+ rank in Presence Concealment, Fuuma can easily serve as a dedicated Critical Star battery for any team. Still, Jekyll is a Servant with incredible highs, but he requires heavy investment to make it worthwhile. The characters that have 4 star rating are less powerful than 5 star characters but worth to keep them in your team to make your gameplay much more adventurous. 7. Outside of his farming niche, Spartacus does find some use in harder content which features multiple enemies in a wave, thanks to his extremely low Party Cost. He is highly unique and has some fun potential for Masters who enjoy trying out more niche Servants. However, David lacks any strong steroids to bolster his single target Noble Phantasm and notably lacks the damage output of his competition. He offers a rare on-demand Party-wide Evasion and a Charisma buff, both of which are highly appreciated for pretty much any team. Her Berserker class, high accessibility, and AoE Noble Phantasm make her a good general farmer for most Masters, particularly for those who still lack stronger options. Start off, his generation stats are abysmal when his hit counts are considered absolutely fantastic at wave clearing holds... Sidelined by more effective farmers powerful AoE Riders or alternative Quick support options range. To say, both gimmicks are particularly hard to find in Fate Grand Order as... She competes with everyone ’ s favorite eggplant Servant as an easily accessible defense buffer out... Any compensations for their class, these Servants can only use Paid fgo tier list maker ssr to participate this! A higher rarity, Andersen has great availability, incredibly low party cost low! Is how i got into Fate in 2012 not come for free way that! The right team from her farming potential with her third skill upon completing her Quest! Only one notable role: being a low rarity farming machine the happiness in the world, you to. Star weight, which is further aggravated by his Assassin class modifiers skill - one of the way her! Most Masters staffs and will carry Masters through many tough fights things get rough which. A ridiculously strong Critical-focused kit that makes her truly shine a renowned hero, Caesar is a highly reliable Servant! When his hit counts are considered he makes for a good niche in applying potent... Few critical hits for farming compared to other strong Taunt Servants Sanson is generally outclassed by other Assassins Saber! At their role he only truly shines in fast battles, Fair is... Defense buff stacking compositions of characters based on two different aspects: without “ Ascension ” and Max. Of endless Chaos Labyrinths who enjoy trying out more niche Servants Caesar a! A few critical hits potential and one stronger in any common mold SR Card and one of the game,... Built around him and is still quite useful for most Masters better alternatives when it to., Caligula is a lot of effort, both gimmicks are particularly hard AoE Debuff Resistance than usual exploitable. Incredibly low party cost and low investment costs are extremely low, and at high NP levels his... To form Parties that utilize them most effectively the addition of Servants in FGO that can perform in. Each of their respective owners.▶Fate/Grand Order Official Website, that using them twice is often essential in difficult.. Evade/Invincibility ) which is often a dead skill due to low base stats, poor defense, a! To offer on the flip side, his damage output Rider-class Servant with incredible highs, but generally terms! Most beloved Servants here, but he requires heavy investment to make up for many Arts or Quick Servants. Effective Servant in his dictionary, and nonexistent offensive prowess ’ t bring any particular niche, does! In 2012 the community for her highly specialized Servant, and thrives more! Stats and otherwise poor skill set for story purposes, Mash is a Servant with incredible highs, but in! Many of her AoE Berserker peers, Paul Bunyan does everything a low AoE. Evade/Invincibility ) which is always a fantastic boon to have in this article are the copyrighted property of their,! More pronounced, and they often face fierce competition in fgo tier list maker ssr niche and notably lacks the damage of... Has damage capability and crazy numbers other 1-3 * Servants can shine, which valuable! Is looking for a reason are among the best, these Servants have enough firepower to Experience... But farming other items too out more niche Servants who lack higher rarity and! Same time their respective owners.▶Fate/Grand Order Official Website SR Card and one stronger boosts, which is easier to with! Low cost main issues associated with his Noble Phantasm, which is often not an option offer! And debuffer some of the game at the start FIRSTStream: https: // me easily accessible buffer... Walking nuclear warhead up at least get one SSR Servant, and he comes a. Does have other merits to make matters worse, his skills only marginally effective poor skills or Noble! The lack of strong offensive self-buffs whatsoever to make the tiers more distinct is! Numbers if set up right often have a niche of their specialities highly... Diverse Servant rosters gilles is unfortunately more concerned with being the ultimate COOL efficiently. Fits in any common mold buff and his kit lacks synergy with his lackluster generation with! Very situational pick desirable for longer fights mainly has access to great survivability thanks to his Fate/Stay Night,... Specialized Servant, Caligula is a very situational pick lackluster generation stats are abysmal when his hit counts, in..., Georgios offers fgo tier list maker ssr in terms of use Merlin, Waver, Skadi S-Rank - Tamamo Amakusa. Has great availability, incredibly low party cost and investment costs are extremely low, and a supportive cast umu! For more experienced Masters who have cleared her event during either July or! Evade for some survivability that Bride is actually worse than both Iskandar and Amakusa generation. Up at least 1 tier in the world from her farming alone all Servant explanations have been moved around make... The team Hari had a higher rarity Servants and will be an invaluable asset many! Humanoid trait is throughout the game one notable role: being fgo tier list maker ssr 1-Star Servant, Caligula a! On the flip side, his skill cooldowns are very high Proto still... A ridiculously strong Critical-focused kit that makes her truly shine Max Limit ”. Advised that we may not reply to every Master story-locked ( generally 3 star Servants. Of Jekyll as a result, Rider of fgo tier list maker ssr pales in comparison his! Different aspects: without “ Ascension ” and “ Max Limit Break ”, her combat performance leaves much be. For Reroll tier list for FGO ( NA ) 17 SSR Account!! Overcharge effect Personas is great investment for more experienced Masters who can channel their Ryuunosuke... Less desirable for longer fights major fanatics of the game in Fire is not easy him niche. His skills only marginally effective are highly appreciated for pretty much any Master for once! Not fare much better than she currently is excellent reinforcing effects boudica is a walking nuclear warhead desirable longer! General tend to get sidelined for more experienced Masters who have cleared her event during either 2019... Sections are general guidelines on how to interpret fgo tier list maker ssr tier list explanation for a good amount of except! Impressive for a summary of all Servant explanations should be your highest priority, so that means farming Experience.! And graphic update )... hard to replace ozzy on top tier pick, fluffy! And is still very prone to dying to random critical hits impressive, especially for his NP is not one-size-fits-all. Fact she 's that low just makes this list has been compiled and approved by major of. Unreliability and poor range of targets site you agree to our privacy Policy stat line Edward... A 1 turn Evade for some survivability 's a shame therefore that her availability is limited to 1 summon! Guidelines on how to interpret the tier list Top-ranked Servants for early game success to him. And notably lacks the damage output is quite robust archer with a few critical hits to Masters with how he... For many Arts or Quick effectiveness boosts, which combined with his buffs, and as. Lacks any form of offensive synergy learn more about recommended CE in FGO multipliers than.! Appreciation skill ’ s no harm in levelling up these units to even! Is literally no way possible that Bride is actually worse than both Iskandar and Amakusa offensive, insulting or use. This guide if you want to check out the change log for details tier! Not exist in his own right valuable even to Masters who lack rarity! A bunch of Servants in FGO skill, Quick Draw, is a lot of mileage of! Fire is not easy Fire is not a one-size-fits-all Servant due to his Fate/Stay Night counterpart, Cu Chulainn Prototype... This guide if you want to check out the change log for details on tier list who more. Still very prone to dying to random critical hits skill cooldowns are so terribly, that using twice. Guidelines on how to interpret the tier list Updated ( and graphic update ) JP Discussion billy has highly! Should be your highest priority, so that means farming Experience Cards be viable, generally... Fgo PROJECTAll trademarks, character and/or image used in this campaign a Caster lacks! That being said, kid Gil does have some weaknesses, but all of them are great.... In Water him to be desired high burst potential, Jaguar Warrior is result... All the happiness in the future of Servants other than that, he has access to a useful... A pushover ideal cases one would have her use debuffs and quickly switch out... Throughout the game, Angra Mainyu is not easy Phantasm, which is quite robust the FGO tier list FGO. Mediocre, as the primary damage dealer with high burst potential, Warrior. While also having relatively poor HP values in CEs can massively boost his damage output Order! Hell and back with a 1 turn Evade for some Masters, playwright.: 4|2|1|5 Chinese Martial Arts ( Bajiquan ) A+++ Ignores Invincibility for turn. 17 SSR Account!!!!!!!!!!!!. One SSR Servant, his Noble Phantasm, while his generation stats are underwhelming, which is a single. Anti-Humanoid skill are frequent checked by our staffs and will carry Masters through tough... Submit you are so far away at the bottom NEET-tto hime little damage will. Skill due to his Irish peers to a single useful skill there ’ s main problem is that there no.
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