welcome to the fermentation of hyper novelty!

conductivity in progress....

a side
tiny vipers - development
citystreet hihat #01 [virtual 7"]

b side
tiny vipers - slow motion
citystreet hihat #01 [virtual 7"]

b side
tiny vipers - dreamer
citystreet hihat #01 [virtual 7"]

berlin, august 7th 2009

all music & lyrics by tiny vipers. recordings, sound & photos by stephan laackman. all rights reserved.

citybirches isbn 978-3-86206-185-3

haywain recordings hd11

this side
jeanie bueller - music for simulator flights
HD11 2009 [vinyl 12"]

painting: o.T. (tal), by klaus lomnitzer, 2006

haywain recordings hd07

a side
stephan laackman - the barn of beagle 2 (1st take)
HD07 2005 [mini-cd 3,5"]

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