'Tiny Vipers' recording for Citystreet HiHat in Berlin, August 2009

(((Citystreet HiHat)))

citystreet hihat is the next city-vibe music project about indie bands on tour by stephan laackman.

'citystreet hihat' is a very special series of spontaneous, intimate city-room-ambient-field-acoustic-recording-sessions of artists and bands on their tours.

recording sessions for 'citystreet hihat' takes place offside the venues, offside the shows: in the streets, parks, hotel rooms, at a friends house, a rooftop or a lake..

the citystreet hihat recordings, additional extras and photos of the sessions will be published in a virtual 7" format on the internet for free.

'tiny vipers' (jesy fortino) is No.#1 of the series.. she performs three songs of the 2009 album 'life on earth' (sub pop).

stephan laackman is a photographer and musician who lives in berlin. he is also working on 'citybirches photography works', a long-run exhibit/book project all about photography of alternative bands on tour in germany. besides he is running the label haywain recordings.

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out now:

CTHT#01 w/ tiny vipers

citystreet hihat
©2009-2011 stephan laackman